Pandering to Primitives? UK Uni Censors Students’ Knees – and Shoulders!

We posted on the appalling intrusion of Islamist anti-pork prejudice in British school meals last week,   but it isn’t only school-kids who face this kind of oppressive intolerance.

We mentioned that imbecilic plan to establish ‘beer-free zones’ at a London university, to avoid upsetting backward bints who can’t bear the sight of other students enjoying themselves in a very traditional undergrad manner.

Latest news from the Old Country indicates that this subservient mentality has spread from London to Southampton, on England’s south coast.


Will Southampton Uni alter overseas student photos to meet BRITISH cultural tastes?


The Daily Mail, 19th August, reported that when a young teen  posed for a photograph to be used in her university’s prospectus, she assumed her pink top and striped shorts made for an entirely appropriate outfit to attract prospective pupils to the institution.

But she was bewildered when she later flicked through the publication and discovered her arms and legs had been covered up using computer software to make the image less revealing.

Without her permission! Or even the courtesy of informing her!

 ‘I was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts that finished just above the knee. The image was changed to cover my shoulders and give me three-quarter-length trousers.

‘I don’t think the clothes I was wearing were particularly revealing and I wasn’t showing any cleavage. I rang to ask why my picture had been changed and was told it was because some cultures do not like to see a lot of flesh.’


A University of Southampton spokesman said: ‘Our colleagues in the international office felt that culturally some students would prefer to see a more conservative dress, including the covering of shoulders and knees.

Well, yes, we know! Those dreaded knees! And SHOULDERS!

The unspeakable Islamist who serves as Minister of Religious Affairs here in Jakarta, Suryadharma Ali, has already declared that curtained knees are a ‘universal standard’ of decency.

  • Unspeakable Ali
  • But we weren’t aware till now that British universities had fallen in line with his Dark Ages diktat!

‘The image in question was altered to ensure that it was fit for purpose in a recruitment brochure.’

In other words, because some countries cling to mediaeval thinking, and overseas students pay heaps more than Brits, their benighted mentality prevails against normal Western ways.