Persecuted Patriots – Lombok’s Ahmadis Fly the Flag!

On Intolerance, Jakarta Could Be Worse: Indonesian Council of Churches – so said a weekend Jakarta Globe headline over a story on how Christians here see the rising threats to relgious liberty.

And it sure could be – that post we did two days ago on the plight of the Ahmadis in Pakistan shows just how much worse, but equally, it also showed how Indonesia faces the same sort of Islamist evil.

And to rub in our message, we only have to look at the JG again on August 20th, which covered the Ahamdiyah in Lombok, made refugees in their own country essentially by the Lombok Police, who stood back and watched while sectarian louts terrorised the Ahmadi community out of their houses and small-holdings, those innocents still living in a grotty shelter since that mob assault – and that occurred OVER SIX YEARS AGO!


Lombok wants to be the next Bali – very different tourist sights here!


  • The local authorities in Lombok are no better than those inert cops, for they have done nothing to punish the rabble, nor to compensate the victims, nor even to find them decent temporary accommodation – though they did suggest dumping them on a desert island, an idea now not mentioned much, possibly because the shameful scheme was made known around the world by all of us who care for freedom.
Seven years later, 128 men, women and children were still sleeping at the dormitory. Dozens of others have moved in with friends and families in Lombok. They share a large open hall separated into smaller cubicles by curtains hung from the ceiling. The shelter has no electricity or running water.On Idul Fitri, the only signs of the holiday were a row of plastic jars containing dry cakes in a window. The Ahmadis prayed at a dilapidated mosque at the complex….
The children raised the red and white Indonesian flag during Friday’s Independence Day celebration. The children ran races while balancing a marble on a spoon and plucked coins from the surface of sticky fruits.
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  • The Ahmadiyah sect has been labeled a “deviant” form of Islam in Indonesia over the belief that there was a prophet after Muhammad. Its members face discrimination and violence across the archipelago where Indonesian Muslims have vandalized Ahmadiyah mosques or homes and attacked Ahmadis without fear of arrest.
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  • I’ve been using this photo of the Ahmai kids for several years now. They’re still there!
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  • Children living at the shelter seemed at home in the spartan conditions. Cinta, a young teenage girl, was neatly dressed in a faded blue “mukena” (“prayer robe”) embroidered with pretty orange flowers.

“This is an old mukena,” Cinta explained. “No one here bought new ones. Mother said that this can still be used.”  Munikah, her mother, said the she cannot afford to buy her children new clothes for the holiday. “The children are used to this, that they will have no new clothes for Lebaran,” she said. “Every Ahmadiyah child hopes for nothing more than being able to return.


  • Marty Natalegawa
  • Fat chance of that.
  • This scandalous situation is a running sore on the international image of Indonesia. a very real-life refutation of that goop Foreign Minister Marty tried to feed the UN Human Rights Council month of two ago.

Yesterday we saw TV news footage of President SBY holding open house at his palace, a crowd of ordinary citizens pouring in to enjoy his hospitality.

Would that Marty had dropped by later,  to parcel up some of the left-overs and air-lift them down to those patriotic, persecuted Ahmadis in their miserable  lodgings.


  • SBY
  • At least then they would know he was aware of their existence.