Toronto Cops’ Grovelling Backfires – ‘We’re Just A-Walkin’ the Dawg!’

The so-called ‘cops’ who manhandled a Canadian citizen for walking his dog near Islamist savages, may find another of their weekends energised again, after affronted freedom-lovers announced a dog-walk in front of a Scarborough mosque, on September 14th.

Toronto Sun reports one man, Brampton resident Walter Sapienza, a 58-year-old owner of two Yorkshire Terriers who calls it “disgusting” that it was only Einstoss arrested, and not his alleged assailant, as well.

The FB page giving details is available via this link.

Allan Einstoss, the Jewish man arrested gestapo-style at Queen’s Park in Toronto, August 18th


The Facebook page encourages people to bring dogs “of all colours and breeds” to the Salahuddin mosque in the city’s east end on Sept. 14.

I can’t quite make it, Jakarta being an expensive round-trip to Scarborough, and I don’t keep a dog! But good luck to all who show up.

It really is pathetic, what some primitives bring into Canada. In fact pathetic is hardly the word! Grossly offensive, perhaps, suits their refusal to adapt.

A dog is man’s best friend.

  • Prime Minister Harper
  • If you can’t handle that, or more to the point, can’t handle that most Canadians feel that way and are entitled to walk their dogs in parks and on streets as they please, provided they don’t leave poop around, then you should sod off back to some cess-pool country that suits you better.