Good News! Canada DOESN’T Want Cold-Blooded Killer Khadr – Will Harper Listen?

The Edmonton Sun reported a new survey – most Canadians want  the terrorist Khadr kept out.

August 21


OTTAWA – Canadians overwhelmingly agree that convicted terrorist Omar Khadr can stay right where he is, in prison at U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Though Canada’s chief ally wants to send Khadr back to the home and native land where he was born, six in 10 Canadians don’t want him back, a new poll finds.

And the figures indicate the opposition to this muderous beast is spread pretty evenly across the Dominion.

Bring him back, if he’s to hang!

He transferred his allegiance to the Taliban murder gang – assuming he ever felt any allegiance to Canada in the first place – so he surely forfeited any Canadian rights he might otherwise have claimed..
Canada and her allies have been at war with the Taliban. Khadr joined the Taliban.
That’s treason!
Canada owes him nothing. Except death!
One hopes Harper will hear the voice of the people.