Jakarta Election – Islamist ‘Scholars’ Disclaim Bigot Brochure – But Chairman Signed It!

Beritasatu.com on Thursday reported that the Islamist ‘scholars’ outfit, MUI, a state-sponsored body infamous for its inane and often utterly intolerant diktats (aka fatwas) has denied all responsibility for a fanatic flier aimed at thwarting the front-runner in Jakarta’s gubernatorial election.


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  • Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta has vehemently denied it issued an official statement related to the support of  Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo…MUI ‘s Jakarta Chajrman,  Ma’aruf Amin, said the institution may not provide any partiality to any one candidate contesting the election…however, he does not deny the existence of a number of statements related to scholars who support Foke/Nara. (Foke is Fauzi Bowo’s nickname, Nara his running-mate’s)
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  • Jokowi/Ahok
  • The challengers to the incumbent, Solo Mayor Jokowi and his Christian running-mate Ahok, have seen their election race turned into a sectarian slug-fest, high-lighted by the notorious extremist Rhoma Irama, a singer/cleric infamous for his calls for suppression of the Ahmadi minority’s religious liberty.
  • Irama ‘Muslims need the FPI!’
  • Like Irama’s fans in the IslamoNazi FPI, most of the Islamist in-crowd have jumped, sometimes belatedly, aboard the lurching band-wagon of Governor Fauzi. The Muslim Brotherhood clone party, PKS, and the PPP, the party of Indonesia’s arch-bigot, Suryadharma Ali (Minister of Religious Affairs) are also throwing their weight behind FB.
  • But NOT the MUI?
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“Institutionally, we are not allowed to take sides, but it is in order that some of our members support Foke-Nara,” said Ma’aruf….Ma’aruf also asserted that circulation of the brochure “Guide to Choosing Leaders Jakarta” at the Mosque Ahmad Yani, Jl. Lembang, Menteng, was not done in the the name of MUI.  “It’s true that night there were some scholars there, but it’s not the idea of ​​MUI Jakarta. And the MUI Jakarta also didn’t print the brochure in question, ‘said he.


  • Ma’aruf


Ma’aruf, however, was perfectly straightforward when asked the reasons for those scholars’ attitude.  “Yes, they assess Foke-Nara come closest to the criteria given by the scholars, both syariah and provided for in the rules of Islam,” he said.

However, despite the ‘top scholar’ issuing this disclaimer, Beritasatu.com continues its report by stating clearly that  they had got hold of a copy of the “Guide to Choosing Leaders Jakarta”,  and the leaflets said the appeal in the material was the result of a meeting held in Menteng by MUI clerics on August 11, 2012 at the mosque.

The call for the choice of  the Islamic pair in Jakarta’s election was signed MUI Jakarta, Ma’aruf Amin, Prof Dr Umar Shihab, and Noor Ahmad.



Okay, he’s all for an Islamist propaganda effort in his personal capacity, but not in the MUI’s name – we get the picture.

You can see and hear this infinitely wise and articulate ‘scholar’ on the link above. For those who don’t speak Indonesian, he says something like he acknowledges the support of the clergy for the Foke ticket. This support is due to the direct responsibility of the clergy to Muslims in selecting prospective leaders.

“Ulema (scholars) are asked by many people about Jakarta’s future leaders., But scholars can not go around making speeches everywhere about these referrals. Therefore, scholars make written guidelines…and to be more effective, the guidelines do not cause noise,” said Ma ‘aruf to Beritasatu TV, Friday (24/8).

In this guide, he added, clerics asked Muslims to elect a leader who has the advantage and ability.

  •   ‘Foke’
  • “Yes, of course, by looking at the religious aspects of excellence, education and experience, seen from three aspects, scholars agree that Foke’s ticket is superior,” he explained. “Moreover, the pair of them are Muslim,” said Ma’aruf.


So just over two weeks to go till the vote, September 11th, and the burning issues (and Lord knows there are such, not least the terrible fires that have engulfed vast tracts of the city, and the traffic, the corruption, and the poverty) are being transcended by this Islamist panic that a Christian – shock/ horror/ drama – might actually get to be Deputy Governor of the capital of Indonesia.

For all their tiresome mouthings about how tolerant they are – a source of vast amusement to those who actually read and listen to their rantings over the years – you’d think these jihadist throw-backs might use their wee bits of grey matter to see how significant a sign of serious tolerance this result would be.

Ahok as Deputy Governor of Jakarta would have little real power, but his elevation could be adduced to overseas critics of the discrimination and oppression here to indicate there is still some vestige of pluralism alive and well in Indonesia.

But no, it’s all just too much for the MUI, the FPI, the PKS and the PPP. A Christian in authority over…oh, no, no way they’re ready for THAT much tolerance!