An Affront to NZ, a Disgrace to Canada – Vile Vixen Spits on Soldier’s Grave

 Barbara Sumner Burstyn.

This monstrosity is apparently Canadian-born. ## (see correction below – never heard of her till this weekend, so am receiving new info minute by minute)

She moved to New Zealand some time ago, and has made a good living there, working as a ‘film-maker.’   Sumner Burstyn is a regular columnist for the New Zealand Herald and has been given NZ tax dollars for her films.

 She repaid NZ by metaphorically spitting on the grave of a young woman soldier who died in Afghanistan.

Jacinda Baker

Jacinda Baker.


  • Barbara Sumner Burstyn’s vile words –

“”Oh, so fallen soldier Jacinda Baker liked boxing and baking – did they forget she also liked invading countries we are not at war with, killing innocent people and had no moral compass…She 100 per cent does not deserve our respect for her flawed choices. Go to war expect to be killed. You can’t have it both ways – oh nice little career with the military and shock horror when you get blown up.”

The  ignorance of Sumner-Burstyn is breath-taking, unaware, apparently, that NZ and the other allies are there in Afghanistan with the full approval of that country’s government, a government, while not exactly my flavour of the month, which resulted from the only free election in the nation’s history, thanks to the same allies.

One imagines the vixen did not expect her shameful comments to reach as wide a public as they did.

The post went viral on the internet and by Sunday about 20,000 people had joined a Facebook group called “Sumner Burstyn give back your NZ Passport!”.

Now the creature is cringing, back in Canada, fearful probably of righteous Kiwi wrath

Sumner Burstyn, in a blog on Sunday from Canada, said it had been a difficult few days. “I made a … thoughtless comment for which I unreservedly apologise to the family, friends and loved ones of Jacinda Baker. “I do not in the slightest gloat at this young woman’s death – I bemoan the tragic loss of her valuable life. Certainly my choice of words at the time was not good.”


Having only just had this ghastly woman’s  garbage drawn to my attention, I checked her out. She’s hardly somebody who makes a throw-away ‘thoughtless comment’ and later, on reflection, regrets it. She’s a serial ratbag. Here’s what she said about another fallen hero, Doug Grant.

” …He was a paid murderer in a war we have no truck with. A father who was happy to kill. “He was a free spirit” No, don’t think so – he was a man who took orders.”

And here is a link to her ‘exchange of views’ with another NZ patriot.

Her virulent, relentless hostility to the West, to patriotism, to the armed services, to the honest bloke who’s trying to debate reasonably, shines out like a hellish beacon, all the way through.

New Zealand affords its citizens free speech, which this vicious vixen has outrageously abused. Now she has the gall to complain that public reaction has been ‘extreme.’


  • Funny that. I’d have thought the Taliban’s treatment of unacceptable women was slightly more ‘extreme.’  But the Burstyn Thing evidently reckons they should be left to get on with it, unhindered by the civilised world.

Free speech is all very well.

But both the NZ Government and the NZ Herald ought to be free too, to reconsider whether they should pay out any more money for this enemy to enjoy her lavish life-style. Dismissal and defunding would be fair compensation.

Here’s that Facebook page where NZ is expressing its collective anger.

## Update – I’m informed she was not in fact born in Canada, but seems to flit back and forth between the two countries.

Nevertheless, since she’s now taken to hiding out in Canada, I’m sure New Zealanders would rather she stayed there. Having said that, it could well be that Canadians may not relish having such an undesirable alien skulking in their proud Dominion!

In any case, if she’s NZ-born, it makes her conduct all the more heinous.

Oh, and I’m assured the NZ Herald no longer uses her junk. All to the good. Nobody should provide her with a platform.