Good on Ya, Canada! Roma Bludgers Face Detention

—-Canada is prepared to consider detaining Roma ‘refugee’ claimants. That’s the excellent news obtained by The Canadian Press 17/8 under federal Access to Information laws.

A tougher approach may be necessary if a plan to speed up the screening process and block illegitimate claims isn’t “aggressive enough” in reducing the number of Roma applicants from Europe, an internal Canada Border Services Agency report says. “Other deterrent measures being examined include detention for mass arrivals of individuals seeking refugee protection.’


What an excellent contrast with the French Government, which, under EUSSR pressure, has been backing off from the sensible stand by the Sarkozy regime, with new President Hollande suddenly flying in the face of both public opinion and the Roma’s acknowledged record of criminality. ( France’s Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said on Monday that over the past 18 months crime committed by Roma people has increased by 259 percent in Paris alone. France 24. 31/8/10)

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  • The newly revised refugee law gives Public Safety Minister Vic Toews the power to designate refugee claimants as “irregular arrivals” and detain them upon entry to Canada…Asylum applicants falling under that designation would be held by CBSA pending investigations into their admissibility.
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Needless to say, the usual suspects are already into hyper-whine, invoking that albatross that hangs round Canada’s neck, the Charter! Turdeau must be grinning from ear to ear at his honoured place in Hell’s Kitchen, knowing how much and how often his diabolical constitutional device is deployed against the interests of his country, forever dragged out when steps might usefully be taken to deal with undesirables.

  • Pierre Turdeau\
  • Having had to impose visa rules on the Czech Republic, the Government in Ottawa now aims to tackle the problem of Hungary, whence over 4000 so-called ‘refugees’ arrived last year. The sheer absurdity of even considering ‘asylum’ status for parasitic intruders from either country, parliamentary democracies and good NATO allies, is enough to make a cat laugh.

 In the days when they were Soviet satellites, yes, of course, there were plenty of people who would be able to claim asylum on genuine grounds, but today?

  • Mere leeches, Roma of the predictable variety, those whom the news item reminds us were identified by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who ‘singled out Hungarian refugee applicants, accusing them of targeting Canada with bogus claims of persecution in order to collect financial support and tap into government resources intended for well-founded claims.’
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  • Canada has gotten a lot smarter these days, for as the report also says, almost all of the claims were rejected or abandoned.
  • But they should never have been entertained in the first place, hence the new approach. 
  • A mandatory visa requirement for Hungary would be the “most effective” way to reduce the number of Hungarian applicants in the short term, the report says…speeding up the processing of claims and placing restrictions on claimants from countries unlikely to produce legitimate refugees was a better solution in the long run — changes that are now being put in place.


At once we hear from a body of men and women who must make millions every year from all this ‘asylum’ nonsense.

A decision to detain Roma claimants would likely face a legal challenge under provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights that protect against arbitrary detention, said Lorne Waldman, president of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers….though he expects confining specific refugee groups would reduce the number of applicants over time, the human cost and potential rights violations would outweigh the possible benefits of easing pressure on the refugee system, Waldman argued.
Rights violations!?! The Charter, if it must be used, should be used for Canadians, not would-be welfare wallowers from Central Europe.
These Roma ratbags think they have the right to come to Canada and batten onto the tax-dollars of honest Canadians.

Illegal aliens deserve no such rights – boot them out.