Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids!

Incredibly, Police investigating the arson attack on an Islamic Boarding School in Depok, one of Jakarta’s satellite cities, are ‘working with’ two of the most extreme Islamist outfits in the country.
The pesantren was burned by angry protestors in the wake of sexual abuse allegations laid against a cleric, named only in’s report as Ustaz FAseems his real name is Fauzan, aged 30 and he’s accused of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ with a teenage girl. The citizens’ anger boiled over when he was released from detention.

Pondok Pesantren Mashadul Al Mustatobah, Depok
Depok Police senior officer Mulyadi Kaharni, said that the fanatic groups’ representatives will extend to giving spiritual guidance, such as teaching. Currently we have coordinated with the FPI, Hisbut Tahrir Indonesia and Propagation Institute Indonesia,” he said.“We hope that both the perpetrators of the destruction or the FA, the perpetrator of abuse gets referrals from religious leaders,” Mulyadi said….”we don’t want them to miss classes.Currently there are ten accused of vandalism and arson that have been arrested. Nine of them are still under age and student status….the incident allegedly due to obscene acts on the part of Ustadz FA…as a result of his actions, FA is threatened with Article 81 on the protection of the child with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. 

And here’s a video link to the fire.  VIDEO: Pesantren di Depok Dibakar Massa

I am not one of those who spotlights a report of some sleazy cleric who betrays the trust of his young charges as a weapon to beat any religion. It can sadly happen in any creed.
My disputes are with the shariah-freaks who despise Indonesia’s pluralist constitution,  war down religious liberty and maltreat other faiths with intolerance and discrimination.
The FPI – the IslamoNazi ‘Defenders of Islam’ – is a prime example of such a group, wedded to violence and harassment of Christians, Ahmadis and even decent Muslims who speak up for fair play.
HTI Demo- Wipe Israel off the Map!
As for HTI, I refer to it as the CaliphoFascist movement, which is banned in many a Muslim land for its aim to submerge free nations in an international caliphate – which would NOT be a democracy by anyone’s standards. HTI don’t like democracy and say so clearly. They also want to erase Israel from the world map!
I’m sure the young captives in Depok could do with some spiritual solace and arguably whichever dirty pervert drove them allegedly to burn down their boarding school needs counselling too – as well, of course, as a severe thrashing and years of jail-time.
But why on earth would any responsible police officer allow these rabid jihadists to get their hands on kids?
(they’re welcome to the cleric!)