Scumner-Burstyn Oozes Into Hyper-Whine

 Barbara Sumner Burstyn.

CBC News, August 28th, reported the latest hyper-whine from that foul female Barbara Scumner Burstyn. She has now fired a big-mouth barrage against NZ Police, having been run to ground hiding out in Canada, fearful of the righteous indignation her vile invective provoked among decent Kiwis.

I’m sure Kiwi cops can speak for themselves, but what’s important is this evil vixen’s attempt to weasel out of the obloquy arising from her disgusting insult to a fallen soldier. One might almost respect a Taliban fifth columnist were it to stick to its guns, but this thing is desperately endeavuring to portray her calumny as a one-off ‘thoughtless’ comment, when her record of hatred is there for all to see.
Bizarrely, CBC describes this enemy alien not as a slimy slur-merchant, but as a ‘New Zealand filmmaker’ – it’s to be hoped that she won’t be making any more films in NZ in the foreseeable future. More to the point, how long will Canada tolerate the pollution of its shores by the presence of such a cur?
She’s certainly into super-grovel, lavishing praise on the Toronto Police Department, but given Toronto cops’ notorious PC cowardice and their lack of any professionalism when ‘political’ cases erupt – witness their harassment of the dog-walking Jew at the islamist terrorist demo, and their similar gestapo tactics against the pastor who only wanted to preach at the ‘Gay Pride’ event – it’s merely to be expected that Scumner will feel a degree of empathy with such an inept and ineffectual constabulary.

Sumner Burstyn, who is married to a Canadian filmmaker from Montreal and is working in Toronto, became the target of a vitriolic internet campaign after making provocative comments about Lance Cpl. Jacinda Baker, a female soldier from New Zealand who was recently killed in Afghanistan.

Vitriolic? No more than the b@@tch deserves.

“We have screen grabs that would make your hair curl, they’re so scary,” she told CBC News in a telephone interview, adding that the situation is like a “witch hunt.”

Ahah! Witch-hunt!?! I had speculated that Scumner would trot out that cliche, given her background. Witch-like she may be, but the stupidity of the phrase is clear when one recalls that witchhunts were waged against innocent old women who were NOT witches at all. The old pinko bat Scumner is NOT innocent. She made a disgusting attack on a dead hero – and it was NOT the first time, so let’s not hear any guff about it being a thoughtless comment. It was a deliberate, deplorable diatribe against a young woman who in her short life achieved much more than Scumner ever will. 

We have screen grabs that would make your hair curl, they’re so scary.’The response was quite surprising to me,” she said

It was hardly surprising to any normal person, but yes, that let’s Scumner out. Normal she ain’t – a twisted traitor toe-rag she is. Listen to her ravings.

  • Jacinda BakerJacinda Baker.

“Oh, so fallen soldier Jacinda Baker liked boxing and baking — did they forget she also liked invading countries we are not at war with, killing innocent people and had no moral compass,” Burstyn wrote, adding that the soldier “100 per cent does not deserve our respect.You can’t have it both ways — oh nice little career with the military and shock horror when you get blown up.”

What a sorry sow Scumner is. And to checkout how she’s in the habit of dissing dead heroes, here’s the link, again to our previous post on this issue –


Scumner is now claiming that she’s in Toronto on business, but I think she feels more at ease with those rotten keystone cops standing by for her.  She certainly doesn’t like her own country’s police very much.

Burstyn called Auckland police about the threats and claims they were dismissive. She said they told her to go to Interpol. “I tried to explain my children and property were at risk right now from a cyber lynch-mob inciting people to leave the safety of the internet and visit my home where my family live.”

Thats the thing, vixen. Your family LIVE.

Jacinda is dead, and you spat on her grave. Naturally, we don’t approve of threats or violence, but it’s fair to say that if Scumner died tomorrow, the world would smell sweeter.

.‘I tear up when I think about [the threats] because they’re so extreme. That line between online and real was breached.’

It was breached when Scumner crossed the line of decency, which may be understandable because she is are without a shred of decency, but is nevertheless unforgiveable.

Burstyn said when she contacted Auckland police, an officer responded: “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.” But Burstyn said the Canadian response was “vastly different.” She said she called the main number at the Toronto police station at around 1 a.m early Saturday and explained the situation. By 2 a.m, police officers were at her door, she said.


New Zealand police deny dismissing threats. A spokesperson for New Zealand police disputes Burstyn’s characterization of the force’s response. In an email to CBC News, Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess said the matter was taken seriously from the outset and dealt with appropriately.‘It is disappointing that she now sees fit to comment adversely and inaccurately on the organization which responded properly to her concerns.’ 

Disappointing? Maybe, but no surprise. She long since crossed that line betwen online and real.

‘ Truth?’

 She’s a lying swine. No regrets about her serial ratbag role, only that people are suitably responding.