The Enemy Within – Berlin Leftists Urge Crimmigration Cover-Up!

Berlin, a bright and busy city, where I had lots of fun on my youthful visits

  • Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin reported this week that new crime figures in Germany’s capital city show a hugely disproportionate number of immigrants involved in the underworld.

Chief police Koppers had assembled the current data sets in such a way that alongside age and social structure, the question of immigrant background also played an important role. Thus an above-average number of criminals (68.4%) had an immigrant background, which is defined as either they themselves or at least one of their parents being or having been citizens of a foreign state.

And how much larger would this percentage be if ‘one of their grandparents’ were included in the definition? A relevant question, because the folly of mass migration began in the Fifties and early Sixties. Young Turks, etc, arriving then could certainly be grandparents by now.


  • Kreuzberg, Berlin – yes, it’s Berlin!
  • Of course, most of those who came to West Germany back then were not meant to be ‘immigrants’ at all – they were officially categorised as gastarbeiter, ‘guest-workers,’ there to help reconstruct post-war Germany, then go home, most of them to Turkey.
  • But alas, that was not enforced, justifying the warnings expressed around 1960 against including Turkey as a source – I’m not an expert on modern German history, but I believe it was the then Employment Minister Theodor Blank who had strong reservations, – under US pressure, these were by-passed.  Some Turks who poured in and then stayed on DID adapt, but many, possibly the majority, refused to do so. Look at Kreuzberg in the photo above!

So now the alien element distinguishes itself in the criminal reaches of society. But that truth is in danger of a cover-up, if the multiculter have their way. No sooner had Herr Koppers provided citizens with the facts than a hue and cry went up from the left-libbers –


  •   Left leader Udo Wolf
  • The leader of Die Linke (The Left) Udo Wolf accused Koppers and Henkel of stirring up a “stigmatising debate” with attributions of this type. Benedikt Lux from the Greens also demanded “greater restraint” in the correlation of criminality and background.


Benedikt Lux, Berlin Greens


Aye, the truth hurts, for sure!

How low can you get. These people, and their predecessors in the multicult movement, have had their sicko ideology inflicted on Germany, without so much as an entschuldigung, and now that society is reaping the whirlwind, they seek to suppress statistics that show how much damage they’ve done.

Hardly unique to Germany, as French people know from this very month’s mayhem, the work of ungrateful aliens in their casbahs around France, and Brits too can empathise. And Holland.

As for Swedes, with areas of Malmo almost foreign territory…

Europe must fight back. Start deportations.

thanks to FrontPage Magazine for the inspiration here.