IslamoNazis At Play! FPI Turns 14 – Still Rabid After All These Years!

Well, it was as hot as it gets here today, pushing boiling point, I reckon, and I had a long journey into the deep south of the city, easy going there, having risen at 5am, traffic a breeze at dawn, but coming home…?!?   No outings tonight, too tired (but I’m out tomorrow, and have two midweek jaunts planned, so don’t worry!)

Quite content to idle before the TV, which presented the good news that two suspected terrorists were shot dead in Solo, Central Java, last night, though sadly one of the Densus 88 (special anti-terr detachment) officers involved was also killed.

But there was an event in downtown Jakarta this afternoon.

I wasn’t invited, but it was one birthday party I would not have attended.


  • it was that made me realise today was the anniversary of the founding of the FPI, the Islamic Defenders’ Front!

Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) commemorated their 14th Anniversary at National Monument (Monas),  on Saturday …one of a series of theatrical events was entitled “A Meeting of the Devil’s Cabinet.”  Performed by FPI Laskars, it was a telling of things that happen in everyday life.


The FPI could hardly have chosen a more suitable spot for their party.


  • A Victim of the Nazis


Monas was the scene of wanton thuggery perpetrated by these sectarian louts, in 2008. I can still recall how infuriating it was to see the scenes on TV…

…and how much more infuriating it was to learn that the Jakarta Police stood idly by and let the IslamoNazis run riot, indiscriminate hoodlumism, men, women and children subjected to vicious assaults simply for being present at a peaceful pro-tolerance demo.

The anger you can probably taste in my words arises from watching the video evidence of evil, first time in years I’ve re-visited that shameful day.

Here’s one such.

You can find a lot more on the web.

And while we’re on the subject of guilt – who was behind the launch of the FPI 14 years ago?

Certainly the security forces played a major role, but how high up the ranks did it go? Which officers were not ashamed to collaborate with the rabid rabble?

Jakarta Post 16/7/2010   According to FPI Consultative Assembly secretary Misbahul Anam, then TNI territorial chief Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono *now the President* asked for the group’s assistance in dealing with insurgencies in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

In July 1999, FPI leaders met high-ranking military generals, including Yudhoyono, at the TNI headquarters in Cilangkap, East Jakarta, to discuss solutions for the insurgencies in Aceh, according to media reports at the time.




Well, that was a long time ago. People can change.

Certainly if SBY did hang out with the thugs back then, he ought to be regretting it, especially after what the FPI Fuhrer, Habib Rizieq (who did a few months jail time after the Monas Riot but still heads his white-shirt storm-troop gang) had to say.


  •  Habib Rizieq

= 30.7.2011   “If SBY won’t dissolve Ahmadiyah, SBY is a banci!”

And what are bancis?  The transvestite freaks that parade up and down the canal bank in Menteng at night, offering entertainment and more to interested passers-by! 


You’d think the President would be affronted. But maybe he expects no better from IslamoNazis.

Yet if so, how come he appointed Timor Pradopo as National Chief of Police?

  • Pradopo with the IslamoNazis
  • 11th October 2010 – Pradopo was reportedly a founding member of the FPI in 1998 and attended its anniversary celebrations earlier this year…FPI has warmly welcomed Pradopo’s nomination. Jakarta branch leader Habib Salim Al Attas called him a “very nice, firm and smart man”.

Don’t know what to think?

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