Another EUSSR Power Play – How Come Hollande Switched Sides?

BRUSSELS – European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso has said EU institutions need more power over member states to fight the crisis.

That was the first sentence in an EUObserver story today.   The rest of it hardly matters, but use the link if you will!


  • It has long been obvious that the troubles of mere citizens are not the top priority of the EUSSR’s Commissars, but rather the golden opportunity they provide for expanding their already enormous supranational authority over the nations of Europe.

Barroso’s latest blast comes only days after another EUObs report 30/8 warned us that ‘EU council president Herman Van Rompuy and others are drawing up a paper to upgrade the eurozone, which will be discussed by EU leaders at a summit on 18-19 October. It will include elements for a political union, but also for a fiscal union – surrendering more budgetary powers to Brussels – considered key for the survival of the single currency.’

  • Van Rompuy –

  • And whoever controls the purse-strings calls the shots on everything, so formal  ‘political union’ is almost superfluous, perhaps another deliberate tactic, as people would notice the hauling down of their flags and the relegation of their leaders to even more obsequious satrap status. Fiscal diktats are newsworthy too, of course, but not quite as glaring as the overt surrender of centuries of sovereignty.




And a side-swipe here at Hollande, for the same report mentions how last year Germany went out on a limb by calling for political union in Europe. The idea was met with little enthusiasm elsewhere in the eurozone, but particularly in France. After the election of French President Francois Hollande in May, it seemed thatviews of the EU’s foremost political duo could not be further apart.

Now, says the EUObs writer, the mood has since changed and serious plans are underway to create – if not a full political union – then something close to it.

The MOOD? The winning candidate for the leadership of one of Europe’s most significant countries has U-turned and it’s down to a mood?

More like he was misleading the voters during the campaign, or else he’s been got at since. The heck with moods.

Got at? I mean by the enemy within, of whom there may be as many among the elite cadres in the Quai D’Orsay as lurk in the FCO in Whitehall.



My mind goes back to a meeting many years ago, when a Tory MP, a man with some ministerial experience, answered a question from the floor, and I was so struck by his words that I wrote them down, sent him a copy  and asked his permission later to use them.

 Speaking of the ‘horrific pressure’ exerted on himself and other dissidents, he made no bones of the ‘fanatical’ attitudes which existed within the F.O., lodged in the minds of those who, ‘frustrated by the loss of Britain’s Great Power status,’ believed they ‘could manipulate their way into the big time’ by getting politicians to take us and keep us in Europe. He identified their motive as a ‘thirst for power.’ To this end, they were quite prepared to sacrifice awkward Britons in the Falklands or Ulster so as not to make Britain unpopular with her Euro-partners in the prospective Third Force to which they aspired as a ‘balance between America and the Soviet Union.’



The mandarins, he said, wanted Britain to be ‘liked’ or even ‘loved’ so that they could continue to play a major role on the world stage. They just could not adjust to our reduced status, because it impaired their self-esteem, as the elite of the government service. 

An arresting final quote  – he had, he stated, seen ‘excellent men take up office at the F.O. holding sound views but ‘within a few months they would be brainwashed.


But that’s merely a reminder to all engaged in the fight for freedom. 

I doubt Hollande needed much subverting! No more than Cast-Iron Cameron, who was said, when entering Downing Street, to preside over a ‘Cabinet of All the EuroSceptics’ – but now stands revealed in his own words as being unwilling ever to campaign for Britain’s release from the EUSSR!

How are the mighty fallen!