Another Islamist ‘Dialogue?’ Has This Bigot Minister Forgetten the Cikeusik Pogrom?


The Archbigot of Indonesia, Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali, has suddenly discovered something on which he’s NOT the source of revelatory authority.

This unspeakable fanatic not so long ago informed everyone of all religions, and of none, that there was a universal standard of skirt-length somehow passed onto himself by…whom.  God?
I doubt that. But as regular readers know he is rarely backward on coming forward with some outrageous assertion.
Now, however, he has ‘claimed he is unable to make a declaration that the Shia Islamic sect is not heretical in order to prevent future attacks against the community in Sampang, East Java, and elsewhere. Jakarta Post 5/9
It’s quite telling that such a sentence can actually be included in a serious news story, in the 21st Century, given its implicit assumption that because somebody is a ‘heretic’ he or she is therefore likely to be attacked.
What’s the big deal with heresy?
If you don’t like someone’s religious view, tough. If they’re open to debate, and you have the time and urge, debate them. Otherwise let them get on with being heretics. If they win more converts to their heresy than you hold to your orthodoxy, it’s your version that needs examined. 
Truth will out!

But leaving the question of an eternal open season on heretics to one side, for now, let’s listen to what Amazing Ali has to say.

According to Suryadharma, neither he, nor any other government official, was in a position to make such a judgment about any religious minority group.“I don’t have the authority to judge whether or not the Shiites are heretical, or a certain food is halal or not. We need a comprehensive understanding before making a judgment about such things, because differences in faith, which may or may not be heresy, will keep growing…”

Good grief! Ali is recognising that one ought to engage brain before acting…but he’s not always been so reticent!

  The Jakarta Post 27/1


So how come he’s decided to shut up on subjects on which, by his own admission, he’s not qualified to pronounce?

In regard to solving the problem suffered by the Shia community in Sampang, Suryadharma said that his ministry would hold a dialogue to bring all parties to the conflict in the area sit together to talk about their differences.

“Many things can happen after a dialogue,” he said, citing the conversion of Ahmadiyah followers in Banten to ‘true’ Islam an example.

What a lousy thing to say, knowing the background as he does – Here’s theJ akarta Post 6/9

Suryadharma was referring to the local religious leader in Ciaruteun village in Bogor, West Java, who persuaded 15 members of the minority Muslim Ahmadiyah sect in March 2011 to convert to the form of Islam practiced by most Indonesian Muslims.


March 2011! So a number of Ahmadis in the boonies – Banten, it says. though it then says W. Java – were ‘converted’ in March 2011?

After a dialogue?

After which dialogue?

We all know how certain Banten Islamists in FEBRUARY 2011 conducted dialogue. Here’s that photo to remind you.

   “Many things can happen after a dialogue.”


Small wonder some Ahmadis ‘converted,’ a month after their co-religionists had been brutally slaughtered by savages screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’

Perhaps Suryadharma Ali has forgotten the martyrdom of the three Ahmadis?

Or perhaps he should consult the ‘scholars.’

JP again  “I’m in no position to make the decision. I can’t ask the MUI [Indonesian Ulema Council] of Sampang to retract their religious fatwa [edict] deeming Shia as heretical….” Suryadharma said.

  • Aaaah! Those MUI ‘scholars’ again! He can’t ask them to retract their fatwa? Why not?  One fatwa condemned the Ahmadis. Another hit the Shia. The MUI’s fatwas have caused endless misery.

More about ‘scholars’ tomorrow!

But before we end this post, let’s hear from a ‘moderate!’


   Nasaruddin Umar


Contacted separately, Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Nasaruddin Umar concurred with Suryadharma that the ministry was obliged to educate subscribers of faiths deemed deviant by “mainstream” religions to convert to the teachings of the six religions recognized by the governments.

Gosh, how tolerant! If you don’t happen to worship in accordance with whatever this Ministry defines as the tenets of six establishment creeds, don’t worry – they’ll EDUCATE you until you do! Tolerance, right!?!

And what was his boss’s latest take on tolerance – don’t forget he told us all that Indonesia was ‘the most tolerant country in the world’ not long ago.
JP 6/9 Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali says converting Shiite Muslims to the Sunni Islam followed by most Indonesians would be the best way to prevent violent outbreaks between the sects in Sampang, East Java.

Well, sure it eould – there’d be no religious conflict anywhere in the world if EVERYBODY converted to Sunni Islam.

And no doubt in my mind, that’s what the Religious Affairs Minister, whose constitutional duty is to watch over every faith in this Pancasila Republic, that’s what he really dreams of achieving!

What a disgrace!