Libya – Hunt The Swine Down and String Them Up!

Once again, a feeble excuse for murder most foul.

I won’t publish these photos of the innocent American brutally killed today – one offour, I believe – but they’re here on this link if any of you need to be reminded what kind of pig-ignorant swine are running amok in certain countries our armed forces helped ‘liberate!’

So a band of Islamist savages were offended by a film.

Many films are offensive to many people for many reasons. If somebody makes a movie that I find offensive, I skip going to see it. I might email the company that produces it. I might urge others to boycott it.

Only foul primitives would resort to murder, so let’s not hear any hogwash blaming the guy who made the movie. We heard some people talking that kind of rot about the cartoons a few years ago.

There’s no excuse for backward bigots who can’t abide the exercise of free speech.

The savage primitives who murdered the US Ambassador should be hunted down and hanged. No more support for the regime in Tripoli, not a single cent in aid, until we see the murderous scum at the end of a rope. That should be the litmus test for future inter-action with the authorities in that country.


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  • Oya, and if – a very big if – that were to happen, one must hope those pathetic clowns who run the EUSSR and gibber about outlawing capital punishment in foreign lands ( in whose internal affairs they have no business interfering) will not seek to save the scum from the proper punishment they deserve.