Jakarta IslamoNazis – ‘THUMBS UP!’ to Murder of US Envoy!

It’s hard for me to ratchet up the vocabulary of loathing that I regularly deploy against the white-shirt hoodlums of the FPI – the violent bullies who style themselves the ‘Defenders of Islam.’



So I shall content myself with quoting from Inilah.com last night – it’s almost unbelievable that even a fanatic like Habib Rizieq would wallow in hate to such an extent, but I provide the link so you can check it yourselves, using a Google Translate if need be. http://nasional.inilah.com/read/detail/1904647/fpi-dukung-aksi-umat-muslim-di-libya

Chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Habib Muhammad Rizieq Shihab supports the actions of the Muslims in Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador.


IslamoNazi Fuhrer Habib Rizieq

“FPI gives a thumbs up for the Libyan fighters who bravely defended the Prophet Muhammad from insult,” said Rizieq to INILAH.COM, Jakarta, Thursday (13/09/2012).

He explained that the insult to the Prophet Muhammad was a serious problem, so it was natural that the Muslims in Libya were furious and attacked the U.S. embassy and killed the ambassador and some staff, because of the U.S. film of the Prophet.

  • I wasn’t keen to use this picture, but let’s understand exactly what earns a ‘thumbs-up’ from Rizieq
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  • “Hopefully it’s an important lesson for all Western countries to no longer allow insults to the Prophet Muhammad in their country in any way,” he stated.

He continued, however, that until now the FPI was consolidating with others to stage an action to condemn the insults to the Prophet. “FPI and FUI are still at it,” he said. 


FUI is the Forum Umat islam, linked to the Hizbut Tahrir who had a demo at the US Embassy downtown today. It has ended without bloodshed.