Freedom! No Surrender to Tantrum Terror!

A most disturbing piece in the Jakarta Globe this weekend  says that not only did those disgusting Islamist savages in Libya take innocent lives but that they may yet be rewarded by a ban on freedom of speech on the internet.


  •  It’s high time primitives, like this demented dork photographed in Sydney yesterday, were told to get used to the fact that we’re well into the 21st Century, and if they can’t come to terms with that, they should be slapped down hard every time they indulge in a temper tantrum.

Instead, the JG report confirms our worst fears, that because mobs of blood-thirsty ignoramuses don’t like what they see (or in many cases don’t even bother to watch) the rest of us will be denied our right to view whatever may interest us.


This appeasement is inextricably linked with the wretched Clinton’s grovel in the wake of the Benghazi outrage, which was rightly slammed by Mitt Romney.

“It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”


Romney was of course at once attacked quite shamelessly by all those liberal creeps in the mainstream media who have served as cheer-leading chumps for Clinton and her boss’s weak-kneed policies.

But there’s little doubt he spoke for real Americans, and everyone in the West who’s fed up with homicidal hoodlums in the Middle East (and elsewhere – plenty of Aussie cops were injured in Saturday’s sectarian mayhem)

And now we read that internet rights champions on Friday were fearful that free speech online may be among the victims of violence spurred by an anti-Islam video posted to YouTube.

Gutless Google has already blocked the video for viewers in Libya, Egypt and India – and here in Indonesia, the Government appears to regard certain of its own citizens as equally incapable of self-control as those of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and wants to block it here.

“If they do it this once, they are going to do it in other situations,” said Eva Galperin, freedom of expression coordinator at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and non-profit pressure group. “There is a good chance you will hear from Google that, just this once, extenuating circumstances made them turn their back on freedom of expression; but that is just the beginning of the slippery slope.”


     Galperin branded Google’s censorship of the video a “distressing” move that “lets the thugs off the hook” by wrongly shifting responsibility to YouTube.

Quite right! But YouTube don’t agree. They’ve imposed temporarily restricted access in Egypt and Libya.
And who’s behind this appeasement censorship?


  • Yup, Obama the Crawler!

The White House said Friday it nudged YouTube to consider removing the film. 

Last word to Galperin“If YouTube decides who can handle a video and who can’t, that is extraordinarily paternalistic.”

Sorry, last word to me. We know who can handle a video, and who can handle a cartoon, and who can handle values like free speech.

We can. Those who can’t should shut up and grow up  – and until they do, lay off the tantrums and let the civilised part of the world’s population view as we please.


PS – I’ve watched the trailer for the film, It is rubbish. Nevertheless, people should be free to watch rubbish if they wish, Most popular tv is rubbish.

But I’ve also come across this article, which is interesting. It makes serious points about by whom and why this film was made, and asks important questions, as important in their own way as the increasing concerns over why the murders happened when they might have been prevented.