Cirebon Chatter, Cast-Iron Clap-Trap!

The Jakarta Globe yesterday (16/9) splashed a story about NU leader Said Aqil Siradj’s denunciation of ‘groups that threaten the state ideology,’ which means the principles of Pancasila, a commitment to pluralism and fair play enshrined in Indonesia’s constitutional arrangements since 1945.

Good to hear, but then, having boldly spoken out against the enemies of his country’s democratic system, he scurried back into mealy-mouthed.mode, a posture that is regrettably all too popular with public figures here.


Said Aqil Siradj, chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama.


Indonesia must do everything possible to prevent the state ideology of Pancasila from being replaced by a doctrine that promulgates an Islamic caliphate or nationwide implementation of Shariah law….

So let’s focus on the NU leader, as his organisation carries clout, being the largest Muslim outfit in the archipelago. They were holding their national congress this week, down in Cirebon, West Java. President SBY is there today!

Said’s reported as saying that ‘Such desires represent a time bomb that could explode and disintegrate the nation,..

That’s indubitable, but now we come to the nub of the argument.

He added that since the state ideology is non-negotiable and unchangeable, any organization that seeks to alter it must be disbanded.


He declined to name any such groups…

What the heck good is that to anyone! Doesn’t he KNOW who wants a caliphate? Or is he afraid to utter their names?.

Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia is openly hostile to the democratic system and has often stated publicly that it wants to replace democracy with a caliphate.


If Said thinks HTI should be banned, he should show true grit and say so.

Mind you, if he did say so, he’d probably feel obliged to act on his words. Which is more than can be said for that contemptible creep Cameron, in the UK.


Remember how he undertook to outlaw HT in the UK, for very similar reasons to those Said mentioned in respect of nameless subversive Islamist groups?

Here’s a link from 2007 where he’s giving Gordon Brown a hard time over that PM’s failure to ban HT! 

In 2009 Chris Grayling, Shadow Home Secretary, told the Tory Conference “I will immediately ban Hizb ut Tahrir.”

The Tory 2010 election manifesto was absolutely unambiguous, declaring that they would “ban any organisation which advocates hate or the violent overthrow of our society, such as Hizb-ut-Tahrir.”

Cast-Iron’s been in Downing Street for…how long? And he’s bottled out of his pledges on HT even more brazenly than he broke his word on the EUSSR referendum.


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  • And there’s a connection between the two. You can’t be in the EUSSR unless you subordinate national law to that European Court. And it’s fear of that latter’s intrusion that stops Cameron changing the law to ban the fanatics.


Rasoolallah is another way of saying “The Prophet!”


And those very same fanatics, HT, whose aim is to replace British democracy with a caliphofascist theocracy, openly staged a protest in London yesterday.

I think I prefer Pak Said’s platitudinous preaching to Cameron’s brazen mendacity.