EUSSR Backs Roma Against French – Brits Beware, You’re Next!

Once more the EUSSR is sticking its Pinnochio-style nose into French internal affairs, according to EUObserver 4/9.

The Brussels elite’s Employment Commissar, Laszlo Andor, has arrogantly reprimanded the French, reminding them that they’d been ticked off already and should know better than to presume they have the right to safeguard their persons and property from uninvited undesirables

“The  commission stood up three years ago against the discriminating practice of French authorities and we also said that it is not a solution and it can in fact be counterproductive to repatriate Roma people in France,” said Andor.

So? Who cares what these twits say? If they think the Roma are so wonderful, let them welcome them into their own palatial homes, instead of foisting them onto honest working-class French folk.

Although the new Hollande regime is pretty leftist, the French are still pursuing the sensible policy of expulsion instituted by Sarkozy, and the good news is that they got rid of  some 2000 Roma last month, 

Andor noted that some French local governments are also using EU funds to help create establishments “reasonably suitable for housing Roma people” and help them integrate into the labour market and get their children into schools.

But even lavishing these privileges on the wasters wins France few points from dogmatic do-gooders, like Budapest-based European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) which claims the establishments or “insertion villages” only further segregate and strengthen existing stereotypes.

The stereotype, as these pinkos call it, arises from the rather astute perception that wherever Roma pop up in France, and elsewhere, the crime rate goes up too. So segregating them from decent folk makes sense.

But why bother – more sense in kicking them back across the border and stick ’em in detention if they ooze back into France. Hard labour for a year until they realise that ‘home’s best.’

But that would upset another EUSSR Commissar who’s been giving voice on the subject, none other than the virulent Viviane Reding, as high and mighty a shrew as ever needed taming.


  • Commissar Reding


She’s been nagging  France to respect and apply EU rules on free movement in response to the deportation of Roma in recent months by French authorities…

Stuff those rules.

These crimmigrants leave their lands of origin for two reason. One is the antipathy their activities arouse amng the majority population in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

The other is the prospect of bludging off Western Europe’s welfare and thieving  from Western Europe’s citizens.

No sane country should be giving them the time of day.



In August last year, France 24 had an article which included 

France’s Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said on Monday that over the past 18 months crime committed by Roma people has increased by 259 percent in Paris alone….”Today, in Paris, the reality is that almost one in five perpetrators of a theft is a Romanian,” Hortefeux said on Wednesday at the joint press conference with immigration minister Eric Besson.


And what was it Canada’s Immigration Minister Kenney had to tell us of the Roma who were weaseling their way into his country?

  • Jason Kenney
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According to media reports, Kenney says that many Roma came to Canada to abuse its “generous” welfare system. To be perfectly honest with you, we have people showing up at … the airport where they make their asylum claim, asking where they can get their check from, their welfare check.”

And Brits beware! The Roma have their avaricous eyes on you too!

Now Roma community leaders say Britain’s generous welfare culture and liberal attitude towards setting up camps makes it an attractive destination.

“It’s the obvious place to go, and that’s why so many of us are making plans,” said Pitivo Djordi, a 52-year-old father of four who, with many other families, were kicked out of the Paris suburb of St Denis on Wednesday.  He said: “There would be no possibility of raids like this in a country like Britain. We know we would be treated a lot ­better there.”

Nobody says the Roma are stupid.