Jakarta Now – IslamoNazis Attacking US Embassy, Molotov Cocktails, Tear-Gas.

Just turned on Metro TV News at 3pm here in Jakarta, and there are violent scenes outside the American Embassy. Hundreds of white-shirt hoodlums from  the IslamoNazi FPI – ‘Defenders of Islam,’ – are running riot, tear-gas in use by the police who are present in large numbers too.



The reporter says there have been rocks and molotov cocktails thrown and more and more IslamoNazis are pouring into the street outside the embassy..

I’ll update this later.

Here’s a link to Metro check the video at Berita Utama (Main News)_http://metrotvnews.com/

Incredible -latest news at 4pm, the cops are engaged in MEDIATION with the mob!

4.30pm   Just saw Police spokesman Rikwanto (he who, representing the cops during the Gaga controversy, declared that’ We are Muslims’) saying that all was now well. IslamoNazis are now speechifying, leaving numerous of Rikwanto’s subordinates wounded in the earlier riot!

More Islamist hooliganism occurred in Medan, Sumatra, at the US Consulate there. Not as much mayhem in Medan, but the infantile louts aka ‘students’ threw rotten eggs at the diplomatic outpost.;

4.45pm  The rather pretty reporter at the scene says more stone-throwing has broken out. The rabble shows no sign of dispersing. She has wisely donned a helmet.

Seems the ‘mediation’ had struck a deal to have them disperse but that’s not happening so far. Other media have reported the presence of not just the FPI but the notorious GARIS, whom our readers will recall have been active in the persecution of that Christian congregation in Bogor, West Java.

Oither cretins were out in Solo, Central Java, over the weekend, attacking KFC and Macdonalds. Very intelligent, these people.

5pm  – Tuned into Metro’s pretty Prisca Niken again.  An officer who looks very like Timor Pradopo, National Police Chief, a big fan of the IslamoNazis, is addressing the mob. to whoops of ‘Allahu Akbar.’

Both police and demonstrators have pulled back from their earlier confrontational positions, although the cops are still in between the savages and the embassy.

Well, it’s now mid-evening here in Jakarta, and last i heard, the hoodlums were holding their 6pm prayers en masse outside the embassy. But Metro TV news is back on, so I’ll see what gems I can dig out of that and close this report, as there are always more stories coming in.

I should mention, at this point in the evening, Metro gives folks a chance to ring in and ask for the news story of their choice. The current caller has asked for a review of Resident Evil! Apparently, it’s a film about flesh-eating zombies. Slightly less scary than the FPI!

Right, the demo is over, eight police hurt due to stoning by the hoodlums. But only four arrests reported, for carrying stones. Presumably when they appear in court, they’ll plead the ‘Innocence of Muslims!’

I think the Paris cops did rather better, four of their men hurt, but a hundred and fifty scumbags secured!

And in London, no statistics, but as ugly a crowd of unshaven savages as you’d see in Resident Evil!

PS  Just as I was switching channels, Metro got Azyumardi Azra, a sane Muslim scholar – a real scholar, not like the ignoramises who call themsleves ‘scholars.’  He’s talking sense, grasps that these creeps and their white-shirt thyggery only bring their creed into disrepute, and understands that Western countries value free speech above sectarian prejudice.