Blood-Drinking, Flesh-Eating Fanatics – The Movie!

I note the primitives were out again in Sydney, refuting an obscure movie’s title by leaving at least one policeman on the ground with blood pouring from his head.


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  • But here in Indonesia, after their Jakarta demo which injured four local cops, the IslamoNazi FPI showed up at Police HQ, ‘apologised’ for the spot of bother, and lo and behold, the few fanatics arrested were promptly released – nothing to do with the visit, said Police spokesman Rikwanto, just not enough evidence to hold them.
  • Of course.

Yesterday the FPI turned their unpleasant attention to the Central Java city of Semarang, where KFC and Macdonalds were shut down and defaced with fanatic posters.

(I’ve been to Semarang, BTW, a nice city, actually, apart from a current  risk of cannibalisation)


Aspirant Cannibals Assail Golden Arches –  sadly, for them, no Braised Blasphemer listed on the Big Mac menu!.


But their star turn was surely a ranti from Habib Jindan, Secretary of the FPI Shura Council there, who declared that, if his white-shirt storm-troops caught the film-maker, Habib would ‘drink his blood, and eat his flesh,’

Gosh! I’d have thought that a non-halal order! It’ll be bacon sandwishes next!

This threat of cannibalism marks a new low, even by FPI’s grotesque standards,

It came as no surprise that Habib duly burst into tears – that’s the new sectarian chic here, since the notorious cleric/singer Rhoma Irama began to blub when hauled before Jakarta’s Election Commission for a bigot diatribe.

But the FPI were not on their own down there.
….some FPI members were joined by a mob of Muslim Warriors of Semarang (LUISS) to protest against the film…”We urge the Indonesian government to expel the American ambassador and cut diplomatic relations becayse of  AMERICAN INDECISION OVER EXECUTING those who insult the Prophet,” said the leader of LUISS, Abu Ibrahim. (RRA emphasis)
Hard to offer a comment on this barbaric hysteria.
I thought about a reference to H.G.Wells’ inaccurate description of prehistoric people as ‘blood-drinking savages’ in The Time Machine.
But even were the Neanderthals guilty of such horrors, they’d have the excuse that they weren’t living in the modern world.
But then, neither, I guess,  are those individuals described above!