US Shuts Jakarta Embassy, More Mob Violence Today?

Monday’s Mob


So after swarms of savages ran amok earlier this week, injuring several police officers as they attempted to reach the US Embassy n Jakarta, there’s ANOTHER threat to America’s diplomatics outposts in Indonesia!


All US diplomatic missions in Indonesia will be closed Friday amid the threat of “significant demonstrations” on the Muslim holy day over an anti-Islam film, the American Embassy said on Thursday. Jakarta Globe 20/9

For pity’s sakes, when are –

A   these backward bigots going to grow up?


B   the police going to go in hard and teach them a lesson?


A – not soon. The jailed fanatic, Abu Bakar Bashir, communicated with an Islamist news site telling Indonesian Muslims to follow the example of Libyan militants who attacked a US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing four Americans, including the ambassador, in the process.


Jauiled Jihadist Bashir=

“What happened in Libya can be imitated,” Bashir told .com from his jail cell. “If it is defaming God and the Prophet, the punishment should be death….

Similarly, the FPI leadership in Jakarta share the view of their barbaric colleague in Semarang who said he’d drink the producer’s blood.

  • Habib Selon


Habib Selon, the FPI Jakarta Gauleiter, told Kompas on Monday that the death penalty should be imposed on the film-maker, by the US Government!

So they howl in their nasty never-never land, and won’t get cured in the foreseeable future. Even those incarcerated are howling for blood, prison authorities evidently powerless to prevent incitement.

B – Every one of the handful of ‘demonstrators’ arrested after Monday’s disgraceful violence got out of jail free after the Islamonazi FPI waltzed into Police HQ the next day to ‘apologise!’

It is surely fascinating to speculate what rank-and-file officers feel about this, knowing their colleagues are still recovering from wounds inflicted by Islamist primitives just days ago.

Yes, the hoodlums had Molotov Cocktails and rocks, which they happily used against the cops (who are largely Muslim themselves!)

But Indonesia’s police are armed.

If push came to shove, they could disperse the savages in a matter of moments.  The FPI and the other sectarian gangs are very brave when it comes to terrorising innocent girls having a snack at lunchtime during Ramadan. Even then, the goons always show up mob-handed, just in case any secretaries or shop-assistants fight back,

Faced with trained security personnel whose senior officers had serious intentions of quelling vigilante violence, the matter would be over before the gun-smoke cleared.

Off across town soon, things to do, people to see, this Friday morning. I’ll report back later – hopefully with no bad tidings.