Another Filthy, Fast and Furious Deal on Rabid Blind Sheikh?

It will, I suppose, be a question in history papers in the future – depending whether American schools will still be teaching real history in the future –

‘Compare and contrast Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s respective abilities to grovel to America’s enemies.’

I’m moved to suggest this possibiity with the news breaking over the US election campaign that Obama is seriously contemplating the release of a rabid, unrepentant terrorist, the so-called Blind Sheik, as a further act of appeasement to placate the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt.


Well, if the Justice Department is implicated, we can be pretty sure lies and deceit will be involved. Attorney General Eric Holder is demonstrably every bit as consummate a racist liar as The Man(churian) who appointed him, while Hillary is no better than she should be, or at about the same level of familiarity with the truth as her goatish spouse.


Clinton Taking her Cairo Host’s Order?

  • After Clinton’s pathetic failure to issue a robust defence of every American’s right to free expression when she was mealy-mouthing about that silly little film (in contrast to her indignant bleating about the Russians’ denial of that right to those unappealing Pussy Riot bints!) it’s almost as if they are in some kind of contest to see how low they can abase themselves.

The intriguing question is, will they rush it through fast and furiously, so the lap-dog left-lib media can get to work and ensure the outrage will be brushed out of the public consciousness by November?

Or will they remain in denial mode till after November, when, if they get their claws back on the levers of power, they will be free to unleash the vilest agenda ever known in US history.

As it happens, I agree the Sheikh should not be in an American prison. He should have been hanged by the beck until dead.