Good News from Canada! US Deserter Kicked Out!

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  • Typically, CBC captioned this photo ‘War resister’ to be deported.’ which must be media in-crowd lingo for renegade rat.
  • I have recalled before the great Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot, who spoke for millions back in the Sixties when he deplored the draft-dodging toe-rags who objected to resisting communism in Vietnam and were also termed ‘war resisters’ by the Canadian left, who encouraged them to impose their obnoxious selves on the Dominion.
  • At least they were weaseling out of conscription, but this female joined up of her own accord, knowing full well what the responsibilities were, then decided she didn’t like it and scuttled off to Canada.

Kimberly Rivera, a 30-year-old private who served three months in Iraq and came to Canada while on leave in 2007, was taken into custody at the Thousand Islands Bridge border station about 30 miles north of Watertown, N.Y.,

The report quotes Michelle Robidoux, of the War Resisters Support Campaign, as saying Rivera  developed an opposition to the mission in Iraq, according to Robidoux.

Big deal. I’ve been developing an opposition to early morning starts for years. If you knowingly sign a contract to do a job, you do it.

Astonishingly, this undesirable alien won support from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In true CBC style, he is described in one breath as a man who  campaigned against apartheid in South Africa and urged Canadian authorities to allow Rivera to stay. as if a major issue of worldwide significance was to be equated with such a straightforwardly justifiable deportation. Just listen to him!

“The ones who are held in high regard are not militarily powerful nor even economically prosperous. They have a commitment to try to make the world a better place. I truly believe that Kimberly Rivera is such a person, and that Canada can only benefit from allowing her to stay.”

Think of all the decent young Americans who have given their all to serve their country, then contemplate the likes of Rivera – no argument.

CBC rambles on.

Robidoux said Rivera’s partner and children crossed into the United States separately from her on Thursday without incident. “We’re pretty upset on having this family being wrenched apart,” Robidoux said.

Sorry, honey, have I missed something?

She’s back in the USA, and so are her ‘partner’ and the kids. Once she’s been put on trial for her shameful conduct and served whatever sentence she may get, they will all be in the same country.

Any separation will be temporary, any ‘wrenching apart’ will have been due to her own disloyalty.

‘Wrenched apart’ is a term better used to describe the families of honourable servicemen and women who didn’t make it back from Iraq,.

Good on ya, Canada, now go get the rest of these Un-Americans and boot ’em out!