IslamoNazis Abhor Christian Mayor, Form ‘Shariah Council!’

A knock-on effect of Jokowi winning the Governorship of Jakarta (with his Christian running-mate Ahok) is that he vacates his previous job as Mayor of Solo in Central Java.
Jokowi with Rudi
This means his deputy there takes over as mayor.
Unfortunately for the IslamoNazi elements, that happens to be a man named  F X Rudi. You don’t have to be a theologist to work out that F(rancis X(avier) Rudi is non-Muslim!
In response, Khoirul, Gauleiter of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in Solo has declared “Muslims may not be led by unbelievers. So we will establish a Sharia Council in Solo.”
The fanatics’ plan to set up their ‘shadow’ shariah regime is expected to be ready within a week.
The report states that it is not intended to compete with the city government Solo. But…the Sharia Council will serve as the agency in charge of the affairs of Muslims in the city of Solo and will pioneer the establishment of a shariah state in Indonesia.
‘Solo Sharia Council will be filled by the great scholars in the city of Solo from various Islamic organizations and Islamic circles. They will serve as the imams in Solo in charge of the affairs of the Muslims.’
Ustad Khoirul added that the concept of Sharia Council is planned not only for Solo but in all regions in Indonesia.
After the city of Solo, also being groomed for Sharia Councils are  Malang, Purworejo, Purbalingga and Tasikmalaya.
“Ultimately, later in 2014, we hope and pray, Indonesian Muslims can have an Imam and leadership of trustworthy scholars…and a commitment to the rule of Islamic law,” he concluded..
This sounds like a clear rejection of the Pancasila (pluralist) Constitution and a back-door path to the so-called ‘ Jakarta Charter’ (a sectarian section of the 1945 Constitution which was meant to subject Muslim citizens to shariah but which was deleted by sensible Muslims like the nation’s first VP Mohammed Hatta)
So what’s the message here?
There are already plenty of bodies besides the FPI that enjoy putting pressure on Muslims to knuckle under to shariah rules. The state-sponsored MUI, the extremist FUI, GARIS, etc.
This new ‘Council’ appears to be an aspirant alternative regime.
And we read in on Friday that in the capital too, IslamoNazis are gearing up for similar schemes.
FPI chairman Habib Rizieq Shihab Muhammad appealed to all of his cadres not to despair.

“Many roads lead to Mecca. Our obligation is struggle, for the decisive victory of Allah.  In the dictionary of Islamic struggle, there is no word for failure…,” said Rizieq on Friday. “Failure is common,…if the first strategy doesn’t work, we go on to the next, and the one after…”
The white-shirts’ Fuhrer told his audience that the most important thing now was soon to form a Shura Council of ‘Scholars’ to supervise the elected governor to do the job well until the end of his term. And that policies adopted by the Governor and Deputy Governor-elect, do not violate religion.
Shura simply means a ‘consultative council’ (same as the Upper House in Egypt is called the Syura) but it clearly has much the same meaning to Rizieq what the more overt Shariah Council has to Khoirul in Solo.
The menace of a shariah state is on the rise in Indonesia.