Indonesian Media – Islamist Bias Still Shining Through!


I’m not sure which is more depressing to read, the content of last night’s Metro TV news story, as published online, or its blatantly sectarian headline.“Ingin Naik Haji, Pemimpin Ahmadiyah Tobat.”

‘Wanting to Make His Pilgrimage, Ahmadi Leader Repents’

What the heck has he or any Ahmadi got to repent? One repents wickedness, misconduct, sin, if you like.

It’s no sin to be an Ahmadi, nor misconduct, nor misdeed. It’s simply a belief system and manner of worship which imposes on nobody else, does no harm and should in no way be a cause for objection – except to those who hate people using the brain God gave them to think for themselves.

This is not nit-picking. It’s a key point, picked up on by more than just yours truly.

‘Convert’ is the appropriate word, assuming the change of creed is voluntary.

And just how voluntary was this?, Sukabumi: A leader of the Ahmadiyya branch in Panjalu, Sukabumi, West Java, repented when registering for the pilgrimage. This leader of the Ahmadiyya has resigned and returned to the teachings of Islam.

Zaenal Abidin and his wife, Sopiah, expressed repentance and left Ahmadiyya. Their pledge was witnessed by both the clergy and community leaders of Sukabumi as well as representatives from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

A great big gloat-in, so it seems. Clergy would be on hand for a conversion, but it should have nothing to do with local or national government officers, who in this pluralist Pancasila Republic are elected and appointed to serve ALL citizens of ALL faiths.

But it’s the next paragraph that’s the most sinister.

Both repented so that their departure on the pilgrimage goes smoothly and there are no problems. Both have now been recorded in the list of pilgrims who will go on 8 September.

Keduanya bertobat agar keberangkatan ibadah haji mereka lancar dan tidak ada masalah. Keduanya kini telah tercatat dalam daftar haji yang akan berangkat pada 8 September mendatang.

I append the original Indonesian so you can check it yourselves. The key word has to be agar.

It means in order that, or so that.

Does that tell us that this poor guy and his wife were obliged to abandon their creed because it was the only way he’d get to realise his cherished aim of making the pilgrimage.

Watch the video.

One feels a tad nauseated. Not at him or her, but at those who control access to these trips to Mecca.

PS   We’ve touched on this tobat nonsense before.

It’s certainly not just Metro TV that’s at fault.Plenty of other media misuse the offending word too.

But Metro purports to be a go-head, modern-minded station. And in most ways they are.

Pity they slant their reports against pluralism.