No Visa for Geert? Yet Hizbut Tahrir Oozed Into Oz!

Thanks to FrontPage Magazine, I learned that Geert Wilders’ forthcoming visit to Australia may not happen.


  • Like me and everyone else who visits the Lucky Country, he needs a visa – and that is far from a foregone conclusion.

It seems there’s a special list on which Mr.Wilder’s name appears, and although he’s a Dutch MP, leader of a significant party in the Dutch Parliament, and was famously acquitted by a Dutch court on the ludicrous anti-free speech charges that were the left’s bid to silence him, Geert is still on the list,

According to Hayden Cooper of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Wilders “is on the Movement Alert List, a database of people of concern to Australia…. his application is held up at the Department of Immigration headquarters in Canberra while more thorough checks are done.” 

Cooper added that “final tricky call” could end up on Minister Bowen’s personal desk. Bowen’s latest pronouncement is that “no decision ha[d] been made.”



Okay, so if it such a serious issue that it takes weeks to mull over, for a democratic politician from a friendly country, how come when a fanatic jihadist, Taji Mustafa of Hizbut Tahrir, wanted into Oz, in he came, no problem, no delays.


Hizbut Tahrir is active here in Indonesia too, part of the growing threat to democracy and religious liberty.

But Bowen’s stamp of approval for this enemy of freedom was instant, despite HT’s record of hatred for democracy, Jews, and indeed Australia itself.

From FP Mag –  Scott Morrison of The Australian noted on September 21 that Hizb ut-Tahrir has in fact “condoned the killing of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan and called for the military destruction of Israel.”

So this evil man Mustafa came in and spread his poison.
What poison?,
The answer is on YouTube. And those who share his twisted mind-set showed Australia their loyalty a weekend or so ago.

“Insulting the Prophet…is a red line.  You cannot do it and not expect a reaction.….”!+Mail

How dare this uppity primitive threaten his host country! Answer, because he’s emboldened by Cast-Iron Cameron’s cowardice back in the Old Country, which we reported on last week.



Cameron has pledged himself to outlaw HT, as already done in many Muslim countries, but bottled out, terrified of the European Court and its quislings in the UK.

No wonder Mustafa feels free to rant and rave against civilised values, viz..

“It is natural for Muslims to react, and the whole world should understand that….in Western societies it is permissible, it is allowable, to insult over a billion people….There is something wrong with the values in the West!” 

The demented swine even dismissed free speech as “crazy!

So how did he get a visa, when everyone knows HT is the common enemy of free nations – of every religion.

It was just an action replay of Cameron’s spineless decision to let Anis Matta into Britain a couple of years ago. Cameron banned Wilders, briefly, and also the Yank, Michael Savage, because he doesn’t share the latter’s views.


Anis Matta


But the rabid Indonesian Islamist, who wrote rhapsodic verses in praise of Bin Laden, after the 9/11 mass-murders –  – was allowed in without a squeak or a whisper.

Craven politicians, eager to grovel to enemies, but ever-ready to diss our friends.

Ratbags, the lot of ’em!