IslamoNazi Threat to Jennifer Lopez Concert?

After their successful campaign of intimidation earlier this year, the IslamoNazi FPI, self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam,’ are now said to have Jennifer Lopez’s concert, scheduled for November 30th, in their sights.



No idea how real the menace may be, but those white-shirts sure have a down on good-looking women – unless of course they don head-shrouds and hide their knees!

Tickets only went on sale today but just reported the alleged fanatic threat tonight.

Of course we’ll be following up on it, but at least it gives me a chance to brighten up the blog with pictures of Jennifer.


I did feel VERY uncomfortable having to stick up for the dreadful Gaga woman, and her appearance was, and is, such that I rarely used pictures of her during that controversy.

I’ll not have that difficulty with JL!