IslamoNazis In a Tizzy Over J Lo’s ‘Private Parts!’

One sexy woman stands up for another!



Nikita Marzani, a local Indonesian celeb, has spoken out against the IslamoNazi threat to Jennifer Lopez’s concert.

The white-shirt vigilantes’ Jakarta Gauleiter, Habib Alatas, is to look into the artist, who’s accused of sensuality!

“I do not know what to say relating to the FPI. Jennifer Lopez is one of the best divas in the world. How could FPI prohibit JLo’s concert in Indonesia? Absolutely no sense. JLo is human, not a demon,” said Nikita (30/9).



 From that point, the report just gets nuttier….

“If it’s indulgence in private parts during a concert, I’m sure the promoters also make regulations on wardrobe issues, and JLo, as a world-class professional singer, certainly knows about the rules in every country,” said Nikita.

Needless to say, the literal translation is absurd, but that’s all part of the the wonder of shariah law, whence the word aurat hails.

It is used by shariah-freaks like the FPI and their think-alikes to refer to navels, knees, shoulders and thighs. AKA ‘private parts.

This story is going to run and run!