Tell Killer Khadr to Shut Up! Better, Put Him Down!

Getting home after a long day is meant to be a pleasant experience, but tonight it was ever so slightly marred by reading the latest news of the vile and villainous Omar Khadr.

No sooner ‘home’ in the country he hates than the belly-aching begins  – again.

If Canada’s such a mean scene, sod off back to Gitmo, scumbag!

Check out this absolutely knock-out article by Ezra Levant – he demolishes all the junk media’s standard pro-terrorist propaganda about  Khadr.


Khadr – An Evil Terrorist

And interesting to note on the page, a poll showing something like 80 – 90  per cent of respondents are NOT happy to have the swine back in Canada. The whining swine, one should say, given the pathetic litany of complaints passed on through his legal representative!

Normally, you can’t always judge by polls, but nevertheless, when almost 40,000 people take the time to press that button, it can’t be dismissed.

Given all we know about Khadr and his evil brood, the duty of the Government is surely not to be bringing vermin back into Canada but booting them OUT!


  • Or start drawing up plans for the restoration of the death penalty, for treason  – for a start!

And please take a few more minutes to watch this link  to Sun News, in which the nonsense – both about the fiend himself and the soft option he left behind in Gitmo – is exposed!