‘Moderate’ Muslim Leader To Journos- “Beware Counter-Islam!”

The latest call by one of the top men in Indonesia’s largest so-called ‘moderate’ Muslim organisation makes one wonder if and how his ‘extremist’ counterparts might have much to disagree with him about!
The story comes from a strongly Islamist website, Hidayatullah.com, link above,

Hidayatullah.com yesterday reported that former Chairman of the Board of the Nahdhatul Ulama (NU), Hasyim Muzadi reckons Muslim journalists should be good at packaging and preparing substantively enlightening opinions.


Here’s Hasyim, closely followed by the Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi FPI.


Well, those of us used to the bias of the mainstream media in the West can only nod sagely at that view. But he expanded on his theme.

,…the weakness in Islamic movements today is that particiants are too pragmatic and don’t strategically maneuver in the face of the counter Islam movement, both liberal and neo-communist.

Hasyim was speaking to Muslim journos at the International Conference for Islamic Scholars (ICIS) in his capacity of Secretary General.

He wants them to play in synergy with the existing system in Indonesia. Do not let the existing system in Indonesia be dominated by liberals, neo-communists and those who became foreign lackeys…currently neo-liberalism and communism are uniting against nationalism and Islam….

Right! You might think I’d be slapping him on the back! Nobody here at RRA is a fan either of liberalism or of any sort of communism!

If Hasyim were taking up the cudgels to fight the sort of evil degenerates who seem to run Toronto Distrixt School Board, (see yesterday’s post Cesspool Toronto) or the equally vile liberals in Sacramento whose deeds provoked our mid-week post Welcome to Asylum California…no problemo!

To be fair to him, he almost certainly does agree with us on those issues.

  • Equally, he probably shares much of our disgust at the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe’s perennial whining over the ‘poor, long-suffering’ Communist reprobates here, the PKI collaborators.

But the devil is in the detail – we have to place Hasyim’s words in the context of his mind-set, which, fortunately, we have pondered in previous posts,e.g https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/the-moderate-view-reporting-sectarian-violence-to-un-is-white-collar-crime/

You can read it for yourselves, but the gist of it was how he raged against decent folk in Jakarta who felt Indonesia has a case to answer at the UN Rights Council for its repeated  oppression of religious minority groups, most notably the Ahmadis but also the persecuted Christian congregations in Bekasi and Bogor.

Hasyim even declared that their protests amounted to ‘white-collar crime!’ It’s no doubt them he’s dissing as ‘foreign lackeys!’

So his definition of ‘liberalism’ is just a wee bit different from most of ours!

Let’s wind up with one further extract from his ICMI comments.

Muslims in Indonesia are often used as a commodity by Counter Islam itself, which even deliberately angers Muslims to the extent their anger becomes a tool to attack and destroy the face of Islam itself.*


THAT’S why we have to watch this man and the outfits he’s into.

Like so many Islamists, here and elsewhere, he’s blaming non-Muslims for the fury and folly we’ve witnessed in recent weeks.


It’s about time Muslims who call themselves ‘moderate’ used their platforms to tell rabid rabble like those in Sydney (above) to grow up.

The blood that’s been shed and the damage that’s been done is NOT down to the vaguely American producer of a silly little film, or the French guys who run that satirical mag in Paris.

It’s entirely down to the infantile uptight mentality that flourishes among sectarian savages.

If there are genuine moderates about, it’s their job to bring these primitives under control, by whatever means necessary.