Hidup Nikita! Nonton “Tali Pocong Perawan 2!”


This new local horror movie is due in Jakarta cinemas on the 18th October and it should be good.

The previous Tali Pocong Perawan starred Dewi Persik, who’s pretty sexy by anyone’s reckoning, but this latest version stars TWO super-yummies,

Nilita Mirzani….



…and Dwi Gunawan


So movie-goers who appreciate beauty are unlikely to go home disappointed.

And I saw the trailer on Saturday. It looks a cut above the average Indonesian horror!

PLUS…let’s not ignore the fact that Nikita has been the brave voice raised here against the IslamoNazi threat to next month’s Jennifer Lopez concert.

For that reason alone, she deserves to have a hit movie!


PS   –  for new readers  – a pocong is a shrouded corpse that hops around scaring people. Here’s one!

Tali is string, or cord, thus the powerful amulet of the title is the cord used to tie the shroud of a virgin (perawan)