Not to Be Awkward – It’s Just That Non-Muslims are DIRTY

Well, I said to myself, ya gotta be fair, even to IslamoNazis.

A reluctant conclusion, since they’re rarely if ever fair to anyone else, but I had just read the headline on  Okezone, 11/10 – the FPI DENY they ever urged Ahok, Jakarta’s Christian Deputy Governor-Elect, to convert to Islam.

“FPI  never asked or pushed for Ahok’s conversion to Islam!” So said the FPI Jakarta Gauleiter, Habib Salim Alatas.

So okezone’s previous report was based on a mis-hearing?

Habib, centre


I was quite prepared to publish their denial, so continued reading…
Furthermore, Habib said, they had never set out to hinder inauguration of the Governor and Deputy Governor, Joko Widodo and Tjahja Basuki Purnama.

You’ll recall our post last week – the IslamoNazis got into a terrible tizzy because as DepGov, Ahok would be ex-officio a member of various Islamic bodies’ management boards.  I expressed the hope that such ex-offici involvement of the city did not mean that theseoutfits got material support too,

That hope is all the fiercer since I read Habib’s next comments.


  • Ahok
  • “Ahok may not approach a mosque,”, said Habib. “He’s dirty. Not bodily, but in his heart.”


So when I explored the amazing mosque in Cairo quite a few years ago, the Egyptian guides should have beaten me away? They didn’t, and the building didn’t collapse.




Nor has Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque fallen down or had to be re-consecrated after President SBY took foreign dignitaries around to inspect its fineries.

The heck with this. Being fair to IslamoNazis is a pain in the neck!