Islamist Ministry’s Secret Sectarian Scheming: ‘Not for Public to Know!’

It’s quite hard to come to terms with Islamist irrationality.
They delight in being enraged by things that normal folk would take in their stride, annoyances, at worst.
Then they refine and develop their tantrums into what at best could be described as conspiracy theories and at worst paranoid fantasies, very often rooted in fear of  ‘conversion to heresy,’  or  Christianisation,’
The obvious comment on that angle is why they think other creeds, or ‘cults,’ as they childishly diss them, are so appealing that their flock will desert en masse if exposed to such beliefs.
Fantastical extrapolations then occur, whereby domestic religious minorities become the agents of ‘foreign powers.’ We had that leading ‘moderate’ a while ago, saying Indonesians who want the UN to look into local intolerance are guilty of ‘white-collar crime!’
And the photo below is a another splendid example, a dim-wit declaring, on behalf the FUI, that the Ahmadi religious minority here are ‘British agents.’
Which brings me, of course, to today’s disturbing report….
======== (16/10) carried a peculiar report in which the Indonesian Government’s Ministry of Religious Affairs claims there has never been a ban on the Ahmadiyah minority creed here.

This may come as news to Ahmadis, a peaceful minority, who never cause trouble or offence but who have been suppressed by one province after another in the wake of the infamous Tri-Ministerial Decree.

There have been plenty of reports here on RRA, not made up by my good self but relayed from local media all over the archipelago, describing how they have been disgracefully persecuted.





Their houses of worship subjected to arson and vandalism  (one of them seized Communist-style by the Islamist city government of Depok)

An entire community of theirs driven from their Lombok homes by an Islamist mob as police looked on (and still confined in a squalid camp by the Islamist local authorities – in fairness, many decent Indonesians of all creeds share my disgust at the elected representatives who treat their own citizens in this way 

Jakarta Post  October 19,  
Currently, 34 families, consisting of 138 Ahmadis, live at the Wisma Transito shelter in Mataram. They have been displaced since February 2006, after being forcefully evicted from their homes in Ketapang hamlet, Gegerung village, Lingsar district, West Lombok…


Forced to live in squalour


“The Ahmadiyah issue in Mataram should not be allowed to continue. The government should make efforts to resolve it. We have brought the matter to the attention of the President, home minister, justice and human rights minister as well as the religious affairs minister [in an attempt] to settle the issue,” Komnas Perempuan deputy chairwoman Masruchah told reporters on Thursday,  “We urge the President and relevant ministries to no longer declare Ahmadiyah as a cult. The refugee issue at the Wisma Transito shelter should be resolved because they are also Indonesian citizens — who have the same rights as others..”
Hundreds of Ahmadis do not have access to citizenship rights, such as identity cards, which deprive them access to education and cheap healthcare, said Masruchah, based on observations made by Komnas Perempuan.


One of their orphanages besieged by IslamoNazis threatening to burn it down with the kids inside it (no arrests reported)



And overt involvement of the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces) in intimidation aimed at forcing them to renounce their faith.


The Ahmadis of Indonesia who cling to their faith in the face of this monstrous mistreatment are heroes and heroines and should be applauded by all the world!

And TECHNICALLY they aren’t banned.


Machasin, A Professor With Secrets

  • Republika reports that Professor Machasin, Head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Training and Development Agency, told a meeting that so far there’s been no decision to ban their existence. “But to attempt to spread their faith, he said, that is prohibited….not to be contemplated, as it could cause an uproar…”


So because a bunch of intolerant ignoramuses scream and shout and stamp their feet, as they love to do – very boring lives, these jihadists – this inoffensive religious community is condemned to silence?

In the normal world, that’s why countries have police, to curb anarchic rabble and let decent folk get on with normal activities – like practicing their religion.

Machasin, like the MUI must be scared stiff that Ahmadi teachings might lure their flock away from the mean-spirited tutelage currently provided by the ‘scholars.’

For now we come to the secret in-depth study of the issues related to Ahmadiyah.

Republika relates that the Minstry’s transparency is such that its agency  chose not to disclose it to the public.

” Studies (about Ahmadiyya) exist but cannot be published directly,” said Prof Machasin, in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, on Tuesday (16/10)

Aha!  Given that the Professor’s Ministry is run by one of the most intolerant Islamists in the land, the unspeakable Suryadharma Ali, who has repeatedly declared his desire to dissolve Ahmadiyah, it’s hardly a surprise that the agency’s got something to hide.

Machasin was talking to a collection of  representatives of Islamic organizations.


Furthermore, said Machasin, the Tri-Ministerial Decree is not separate from the role of research and development. ” The Decree represents our ingredients,” he said.

I’d like to think that cryptic conclusion has lost something in the translation, but I rather fear not. That Ministry is so besotted with appeasing noisome Islamist bigotry that we have to figure that it’s something very unpleasant in the pipeline.