Treason in the White House? Bring Back Tail-Gunner Joe!

After a jolly night out in South Jakarta’s posh Kemang, it seemed wise, both on financial and health grounds, to stay home today.

So I did, sunning myself out front, with my amazing kindle, that useful gift from a loved one which enables me to carry three or many more books around in my jacket pocket with not a bulge to be seen.

Today I resumed reading a rivetting  – and surprisingly topical – book,  Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy  which just gets better with each turn of the page.


Tail-Gunner Joe!


 Senator Joe McCarthy was a true patriot, a brave and fair man. Badgered by politically-motivated enemies to identify suspected cmmunists, he refused – he wanted no innocent pre-judged until the committee investigated the evidence.

But the Tydings Committee would not investigate. Instead they engaged in what his Senate colleague William Jenner called “the most brazen whitewash of treasonable conspiracy in our history.”

I can recall as a wee boy on the farm, how everybody we knew, in our Southern Ontario community, admired the guy.

Many said we needed more like him, not least in Ottawa, where Lester Pearson’s communist sympathies were not quite public but widely suspected.

So I’ve long known that much of what McCarthy said and did was right and that’he’d been done down precisely for that reason. Marxists hate to be exposed to the light of day, and thus the forces of darkness set out to destroy him.

But even I was shocked by the bare-faced lies utilised to do so, perhaps the biggest liar in the story being a Maryland racist, Senator Millard Tydings.(“If more negroes are brought here they should be housed in trailers so that they can easily be moved out after the war is over!”)   Tydings had long disliked McCarthy for the Wisconsin Senator’s pro-civil rights stance. 

Remember what the segregationist senator had to say, when he got his Democrat colleagues in the U.S.Senate to condemn Tail-Gunner Joe? He branded McCarthy as having perpetrated “a fraud and a hoax,”


Tydings, the racist liar


Yet thanks to this book, we learn that the famous gramophone exhibit, which Tydings produced in the Senate, purporting to be able to play a recording of a key speech by McCarthy, the contents of which were in dispute, was itself a fraud and a hoax.

Tydings was able to use Senate privilege to lie profusely, but later, in a court case, under oath, he was forced to confess there was no such recording at all!


And that’s just one tasty nugget from a book which is a gold-mine of revelation!

Here’s what the author, M. Stanton Evans, said, after it was published.

“I found a lot of stuff missing, a lot of stuff had been censored, a lot of stuff that was in the records in one place but blacked out in another place. Mostly what I found was that the FBI files, which backed up what McCarthy was saying, had been withheld for 50 years. And we now have them, or many of them, and they show essentially that he was right in general. There was a massive penetration of the government, and that it was covered up, and that he threatened that cover-up. And that’s why he was isolated, demonized, and destroyed. That’s the technique.”

And of course the Obamanoids are quite nifty at the demonisation game too,

Michele Bachmann


Witness the hate campaigns waged against honest legislators like Michele Bachmann,

The politics of subversion.

Look at the cover-ups on Obama’s Communist background and terrorist links.

Cpme back, Joe. Can’t say ‘all is forgiven,’ for you did nothing wrong. But your qualities are sorely lacking in the American body politic today.