Aceh Teens Fight Back – Shariah Goons Skedaddle!

Routine Shariah Patrol – Out to Wipe Out Sin!


Just got round to scanning the Jakarta Globe today and was highly amused to see that the bigot gendarmerie, Wilayatul Hisbah were put to flight by a bunch of youngsters last Saturday night.

These shariah gestapo goons represent the lowest form of ‘law’ enforcement, and you can check plenty of sites besides mine to confirm that view. But a couple of previous RRAs will start you off.

It seems the goons showed up at a party in Langsa Timurand and ordered that the music be stopped. Most of the people there, allegedly celebrating a young man’s acceptance into the Amred Forces, acquiesced, but a handful decided that enough was enough.

The WH routinely make Acehnese lives a misery whenever they can and switching off the key-board must have been the straw that broke the kampung camel’s back,

According to the JG, some local youths reportedly insisted on staying, including some girls. They mocked the officers and chased them, throwing stones and bottles.

One of the goons took a rock to the head, whereupon his colleagues did a runner, two kliks worth, until they found a hiding-place, appropriately enough in a madrasah (Islamic school)

It gets better,

A pack of militia, the widely despised Satpol PP, came rushing to the rescue, but, confronted by angry boys and girls, they too ran for it. Several  Satpol joined the original two goons in the madrasah!

Finally, some actual police, not the keystone variety, had to turn out to quell the tumult.

I went to to see if I was missing much in the translation, and it turns out the ‘anti-sin’ patrol operated by the goons had exacerbated local hostility by pouncing on 4 couples who were pacaran. That simply means being ‘boy-friend/girl-friend,’ nothing sinful at all, maybe holding hands or sitting together on a stone wall.

Shariah hates normality. That ‘sin’ of pacaran could get the kids whipped!


The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


And it seems that the real villain of the piece is the Langsa town government. Listen to Deputy Mayor Marzuki Hamid’s post-riot outburst, which indicates the ailment that afflicts Aceh society.
“We will not retreat from making Langsa an Islamic city. Evening shows are no longer allowed in Langsa because they bring more disadvantages than benefits, as they can cause immorality.”

This kind of pig-headed obscurantism is – fortunately- bound to provoke rebellion from ordinary folk who like parties and music and dancing.

And as if to demonstrate that there’s no show without Punch, who else should pop up but the unspeakable Muslim Lawyers’ Team, that quaint band of attorneys who represent not boringly normal Muslim law-breakers accused of picking pockets or house-breaking, but only those indicted for sectarian crimes.


   Their representative, this geezer named Muzakkar Ibrahim, rushed out a demand that police should arrest all the perpetrators.  “We urge police to investigate who was behind the attack,” Muzakkar told the Antara News Agency. “It is important to uphold the law to prevent Islamic people’s anger.”

Whose anger? Does Muzakkar truly suspect that the kids were Mormons or Zen Buddhists? Ninety percent of Achenese are Muslim. I’m sure the kids were too,

Or does he think that Muslims are not ‘Islamic’ unless they kow-tow to shariah diktats?


And here’s  Hasbi Al Bayuny, the chairman of Islamic organization Rabithah Thaliban Aceh (RTA).  Yeah, they really do call themselves the Thaliban, no embarrassment, at all !  “We strongly condemn the action that humiliated Wilayatul Hisbah officers and we demand the police investigate the case,” .

Might be better if he and his kind stopped using their sticky-beak goons to humiliate Acehnese, young and old.