‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada!

Few readers will have forgotten that excellent research by Ezra Levant.
Oilsands ...
He told the world of all those ‘poor, persecuted Tamils’ who sought refuge in Canada from the horrors of Sri Lanka, only to go back for vacations when their snouts were safely entrenched in Canadian tax-payers’ pockets!
Ut was Tamil anti-social activity which created traffic chaos inToronto a few years ago.
Tamils showing civic responsibility in Toronto
Many Torontonians probably felt it would have been a good idea to bulldoze the ingrates off the highway, but God forbid any Canadian governmental authorities would actually take serious action against such undesirables.
Well, maybe it’s changing.
One swallow does not make a summer, but the National Post tells us that one ‘poor Tamil’ may finally get kicked out, though NOT before time!

“…there are reasonable grounds to believe the individual was or is a member of the World Tamil Movement, and as a member engaged in fundraising for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,” said Faith St. John, a CBSA spokeswoman….he has lived in Canada since 1997 and was accepted as a convention refugee in 1998.

The NP then refers to the Vancouver office of the WTM  that was raided by the RCMP counter-terrorism unit in 2005. The police search warrant named seven suspects…it is not clear whether the man now facing possible deportation was one of them.

Well, good as far as it goes. Another six or so may be nailed, but what about those vacationing liars, plainly in Canada under false pretences? 

Here’s the problem…“As a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention, Canada has an obligation to protect genuine refugees. We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously,” Ms. St. John said.

Not seriously enough, lady.



Otherwise your colleagues would be turning back the parasite boats and hiring a few empty ones to load up uninvited wasters for prompt despatch back to whence they came.

Maybe time to sign out of that convention.

Former WTM leader Manickavasagam Suresh was arrested in 1995 but fought his deportation to the Supreme Court….in 2008, the government banned it for terrorism, and last year the Federal Court seized its assets. A former WTM member, Prapaharan Thambaithurai, pleaded guilty to fundraising for the rebels in Vancouver in 2010.

Right, there’s two names for a start. Two men who should have no place in Canada. What’s become of them?

First, Suresh – here’s a clip from seven years ago –  Following his arrest on Oct. 18, 1995, a judge ruled that he should be removed from Canada “as quickly as possible.” But a decade later, Mr. Suresh is still here. The tenth anniversary of his arrest passed quietly last week. He lives in a two-storey Mississauga home on a corner lot with a fenced yard.

Second, Thambithurai  from Globe and Mail. 14/5/10   Mr. Justice Robert Powers, of the B.C. Supreme Court, sentenced Prapaharan Thambithurai to six months in jail after he pleaded guilty this week to fundraising for a banned terrorist group. The law provides for a maximum sentence of 10 years and does not include a minimum sentence.

So it seems both are out and about these days. But NOT  out of Canada!  Is this so?

Perhaps readers in the Dominion have an update?



Unacceptable creatures, surely unwanted in a civilised democracy – the crims, that is, not the judges…although…!

It seems the issue of deportation did not even arise in the second case, while in the first, certain judicious jelly-fish got all fretty that terrorists might be ill-treated if packed off where they belong.

Big deal.

Not every country gives them soft options as available in Canada – if they don’t like facing that risk, they should not have got involved in terrorism.