Bagus, Pak Jokowi! Semua Pemalas Harus Dipecat!



                   ‘Good on ya, Gov, the shirkers must be fired!’

That’s the translation of my headline, and I was delighted after a hard day in Jakarta to watch TVOne news showing the gallant Governor of Jakarta zooming round a local council office which resembled a stagnant pond today.

Here’s a link – no need for translation – Jokowi’s body-language is international!



Or maybe, if we want to have an artistic rather than a botanical reference, a still life!

Here’s a jolly link to the Jakarta Globe report of the same event.

I intersperse a few yummy extracts!

Though business hours for civil servants officially start at 7:30 a.m., when Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, also known as Jokowi, arrived at the Senen urban ward at 8:00 a.m., he found the office mostly empty.

Government jobs here, either local or national, are peachy billets, hard to get sacked from, no matter how idle staffers may be.

One of the best times of year to observe their irresponsibility is after Ramadan, when many of the lazy blighters show up several days late, after binge-guzzling on goodies to celebrate the climax of the fasting month.

He inspected every room, shaking his head in disbelief along the way.

There’s no excuse, but do they get fired, to make way for some of the thousands of more honourable Jakartans who are out of work and who COULDN’T be any worse, and would almost certainly be more conscientious (heck, a dead stoat would be ) than a lot of the pen-pushers feeding off the public purse?


WOW! He found SOMEBODY at a desk!


Afterward, Jokowi left Senen and went to the Cempaka Putih Timur office, where another disappointment awaited him.
It was 9:00 a.m when he arrived at the office, where he found seven staffers relaxing at their desks and not yet at work. The office head was also nowhere to be found.


They give themselves a two hour lunch break on Fridays, many of them, ostensibly to pray, when the prayers could get done in twenty mins and a sandwich or local equivalent could be brought back to the desk and nibbled whilst doing some actual work.


He proceeded to check the front counter reserved for public services. Despite the fact that it had a sign pinned up declaring it open, it was clearly closed.
“How come this says ‘open’ when [the counter] is still closed?” he asked, though nobody could answer.


So GOOD ON YA, again, Pak Jokowi – you are living up to the hopes you inspired in millions here that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

The governor again examined every room and was followed apprehensively by the staff whom he had caught slacking. Upon seeing the head’s empty office, Joko could only silently stare at it.

PS   Staring silenty at it is a good start – replace its (non) occupant next!