IslamoNazis ‘Arrest’ Alleged ‘Defamers’ – Cops Collaborate!

In another display of collaboration with Islamist fanatics, police in Makassar, Sulawesi, this month escorted SEVENTY FPI IslamoNazi goons to ‘arrest’ four members of a group said to be ‘defaming’ religion.


Islamonazi points out the error of dissenters’ ways


Their ‘crime?” No defamation at all, simply suggesting that compulsory prayers and headscarfing of women are not obligatory, etc.

As you’ll see from the TVOne headline on the link, it was not actually the cops but the FPI nazis who invaded Gafatar’s secretariat office and grabbed the four victims. 

The white-shirt gauleiter featured in the video link, Abdurrahman, is actually an ex-jail-bird, having been sentenced only last year after his louts ran amok during Ramadan.


Makassar IslamoNazis last year


Anyway, my curiosity was piqued so I spent some time searching, before coming up with more details on the issue. Strangely, this comes from a link to  which is apparently concerned with industrial security.

Whatever, here’s some of the background.

Islamic Defenders Front on Sunday (14/10) morning, raided the Movement Dawn Nusantara (Gafatar), as they have allegedly spread heresy that is deemed insulting to Islam.  The raids involved about 70 members of FPI  led by Al Habib Muksin Jafar Al Habsi. The FPI action did not meet with resistance from Gafatar.

Heck, there’s a surprise. A mob of thugs backed up by complicit cops, and four guys as the target!

The four men at their secretariat were immediately secured and taken to Makassar Police Office. .
In addition to securing four people, FPI also seized a number of items of evidence including: one black-bound Bible, a book about the Islamic Movement in South Sulawesi 1914-1942…

…also seized was a file including the fields of education, sports, law and human rights as well as the defense and the organization, a Gafatar placard, a flag and one laptop.

So the thugs can take people’s property as well as place them under ‘arrest?” Yet this is a perfectly legal organisation that’s been attacked. 
Dawn Movement Nusantara (Gafatar) is an organizations t registered since 2011.

That’s no problem!

…according to FPI Laskar Commander Abdul Rahman, behind the legality of the organization, Gafatar in practice is really disturbing Muslims.

Very easily disturbed, some of them, remember!

Not by things that disturb normal folk, like illegal arrest, theft, vandalism and violence – specialties of the FPI – but by words and thoughts that might make them question the ‘spiritual guidance’ provided by certain ‘scholars!’

“Their activities are under the guise of social, cultural, and educational. But they are very threatening to the practice of the Muslim faith, “said Rahman.

Of course! Like what?

According to Abdurrahman, misguided understandings deployed by the organization, concern, inter alia, the five daily prayers, fasting during Ramadan, readings, sexual misconduct, women not wearing the hijab or covering aurat…

Aurat, recall, are knees, shoulders, mid-riffs, not the ‘private parts’ normal people consider private.

AND … acknowledgement of a prophet after the Prophet Muhammad,…

So they get ARRESTED!?! No defamation at all, just differences.

But these different beliefs must have some appeal!

“And this teaching has been spreading…”

Now we’re getting to the nub of the issue. As I wrote just a day or so ago, it’s the paranoid fear that the docile flock will jump the intellectual corral that motivates this kind of vigilante intimidation.

“We’ve taken this action so Gafatar immediately stop their activities because it has humiliated Islam, “he said.

Humiliated? How can Islam possibly be humiliated by people thinking for themselves?

Have Gafatar gone out and defaced mosques, burned Korans, abused clerics? I don’t know, but I doubt it, since the FPI makes no mention of what would be legitimate provocations.

But the IslamoNazis DO claim that their vigilante bigotry is   supported by a number of Islamic organizations.  Among
Muhammadiyah, Hizbut Tahrir and Jamaat Tabliq.

Never heard of the last one, but Hizbut Tahrir is infamously opposed to freedom and democracy. They want a theocracy – calipho-fascism. 

Muhammadiyah? It’s meant to be the voice of modern, reformist Islamic thought. VERY interesting!

And no shame on the part of the collaborating cops.
 Deputy Head of  Makassar Criminal Investigation, Police Commissioner Anwar, confirmed they were handed four Gafatar members with evidence. “Now it’s under examination. We’re checking the corresponding FPI report, “he explained.

That just defies comment.   But there’s more, lots more, and the arrogance and intolerance has to be read to be credited, so please be patient.

A number of scholars and preachers reacted angrily to the alleged defamation of Islam by Gafatar.

Das’ad Latif strongly condemned the organization…he considered that Gafatar could trigger mass social confrontation in society if not stopped immediately…”There should be a strict attitude by authorities as soon as possible. It’s of particular concern if it’s widespreading and causing antipathy. There could be shocks in our society,”

Not as big a shock as would be caused if Dark Age Das’ad and his sort grew up and learned to respect other’s views and debate theology instead of relying on goons and a subservient gendarmerie to suppress divergent thinking.

Das’ad goes on say that Islam is very clear. He repeats the tenets of faith he believes in, as he indeed has the right to believe in and to repeat, then denies the same right to Gafatar and anyone else who might beg to differ.

“…the belief  that there’s no prophet after Muhammad is really misguided and must be stopped, “said Das’ad. According to him, Gafatar is not an Islamic organizations. This group is an organization outside of Islam, but its teachings could tarnish Islamic theology.

And his nimble tongue and learned mind are not up to stopping those teachings by civilised debate?

Clearly not, because he therefore called on the police to work quickly in order to avoid anarchy.” The police should not hesitate take action against this school of thought, with support from Muslims. Personally I do not support anarchy, “he said.

    Well, who needs anarchy if you can get the police to shut down folks you don’t like?


So Gafatar?

A new one on me, so I looked them up. With branches all over the country, their own website indicates they’re active in anti-drug efforts, cultural promotion, and public-spirited works – here’s a photo of some of them cleaning up a monument in Makssar.


Gafatar at work in Makassar


If they’d been in Jakarta in June 2008, they could have joined in cleaning up the area of the National Monument, lots of red stains after FPI storm-troops attacked and bloodied innocent pro-tolerance demonstrators.



Did Dark Age Das’ad condemn that anarchy and urge cops to not hesitate to take action, instead of  just watching the brutality of the IslamoNazis ( as the Jakarta Police did!)