Shariah Separatism in Philippines – a Threat to Indonesia Too?

I saw an interesting article by Diana West last month, which bears discussion here.  – read it all at your leisure.

There must be many misgivings among Filipinos at the installation of a shariah state within their archipelago.


But those of us next door in Indonesia aware of the recent declaration by the IslamoNazi FPI   – that they’d start in Solo, then step-by-step build a parallel Islamic state within Indonesia – would be remiss to ignore a dangerous development.

The Philippines government has agreed to the creation of a new Islamic substate of 4 million people in the south: “Bangsamoro.

Note – it’s not simply an ethnic thing, like the Basques or Catalans in Spain, or even the Scots and Welsh in the UK – it’s specifically a sectarian construct – or are we jumping the gun?

Not according to AP, which Diana West quotes re  “a law creating the new Muslim autonomous region in about two years.”

Lest we forget, the main problem the rest of the world has with this particular brand of sectarianism is its inherent disloyalty. Organisations like Hizbut Tahrir, in every country, openly avow their sectarian allegiance trumps any duty to their own nation.

In contrast, even Sinn Fein/IRA, which I detest, purports to stand for ‘nationalism,’ not a Catholic state ( given its recent record in the Northern Ireland Assembly, supporting legislation that slaps Catholic – and Christian in general – moral standards in the face, one may accept that as true!)

Anyway, the point is that some people will see this separatism, currently entering the half-way house of federalism, as merely a step towards a supranational sectarian state.

Which people?

An answer is offered in a book entitled  The Politics of Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: One Kin, Two Nations by Joseph Chi Liow.

…a regional network of study groups  spawned out of the teachings of JI spiritual leader Abu Bakr Bashir,

Recall him – the grizzled fiend currenty serving 15 years in Indonesia for terrorist offences?

…their stated objectives of forming a Daulah Islamiyah – Islamic State  –comprising Indonesia and Malaysia along with the SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES and southern Thailand…(RRA emphasis)

Know your enemy!


The accord also calls for deactivating “rebel forces” without specifying a timetable. 

Uh-oh. That does give out grisly echoes of IRA appeasement back in Blighty, where no serious deactivation occurred, only a few token weapons ostensibly ‘decommissioned,’ 

With plenty more hidden away just in case, you can bet!

And don’t forget the name of the enemy forces –  Moro Islamic Liberation Front!

Not just Bangsa Moro, which, in the Melayu language, means the Moro Nation, but yet again a specifically sectarian designation.

Such a sectarian identification proved no bar to the Obama Administration giving its blessing.  “The United States welcomes the announcement of the framework agreement between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.”

When the un-disarmed terrorists start enforcing their shariah regime, there will be nobody to stand in their way, since the nation’s armed forces are to be denied any role in law enforcement, Local police (under MILF auspices?) will surely lack the will or the means to do much.

So not much need for any violent ethnic cleansing of religious minorities. Who in their right mind would choose to live under shariah rule?

Having also noticed that Islamist fanatics here in Indonesia still dwell angrily on the transformation of Manila into a Christian city centuries ago, I would welcome input from Filipino readers on whether this post is a wise warning or too alarmist.