IslamoNazis Wreck Another House of Worship

On the eve of one of Islam’s holiest days, the IslamoNazi FPI engaged in a shocking and sacrilegious attack on a mosque belonging to the minority Ahmadi creed.

The latest mayhem by white-shirt thugs took place in Bandung, West Java, last night, as decent Muslims were preparing for Idul Adha, the day of sacrifice.

But while my neighbours here in Jakarta were selecting goats as their ‘qorban’ (the objects to be slaughtered today) the FPI chose as their victims a small and peaceful group of Ahmadis.

 There were only eight men and five women in the mosque when the nazis came strutting by. They’d been out harassing other citizens who made the mistake of wanting to buy or sell a few beers around the town, so it was a spontaneous act of blasphemous vandalism.

Listen to the arrogant swine, as quoted in

“Initially, Ahmadis weren’t our target. After sweeping the town for booze activities, we were going home that way. It was apparent there were people gathering and the Ahmadi symbol still on display. Was not it banned?”

Thus spoke the FPI storm-troop gauleiter, Muhammad Asep Abdurahman, alias Utep at Bandung Police HQ, Friday (10/26

So the nazi lout barged in and demanded to know what was going on.

“A preacher answered they were preparing for tomorrow. Well, it means that once more there is activity. But Ahmadis’ rights are proscribed.”

Police eventually appeared but instead of arresting the louts, they supervised ‘negotiations’ between the hoodlum gang and their intended victims. (Of course there is nothing to negotiate about – even the fanatic-infested Ministry of Religious Affairs has said the Ahmadis have the right to practice their faith as long as they don’t ‘spread’ it! – if they are to be believed!)

After several hours negotiating, continued Utep,”the Ahmadis wouldn’t listen. That attitude makes FPI furious.  We gave them fifteen minutes…we returned to the mosque to wreck it,” he said.

Utep claimed his chums were not involved in the destruction.

“I did it by myself.”

So there’s a blatant confession, a boast really, of an act of wilful, blasphemous vandalism. Was he arrested, charged, held pending a court appearance?

According to Metro TV, and here’s their video link, Having negotiated with the police, FPI Warriors finally left the mosque. However, police did not detain any member of the FPI.

Earlier today, on the news, I saw President SBY at the big Istiqlal Mosque here in Jakarta. He’s a busy man, but in view of his recent demand at the UN for an international protocol to outlaw defamation of religion, I trust he’ll get on the phone sometime soon to urge the immediate detention of that thug in Bandung.