Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!!

I missed this last week, a report on the crass disrespect shown by the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the MUI to Balinese religious beliefs, and how the local monarch spoke up in defence of their Hindu heritage. covered it, saying that ‘not many people know that, at the time when Sunan Kudus spread Islam in Java,  there was a policy established to respect the Majapahit Hindus, banning all Muslims from slaughtering a cow or a buffalo .

That has been acted on, up till the present day, and Dr. Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna MWS III, President of  the Hindu Center Of Indonesia and also Majapahit King of Bali, wants it continued,


Bali’s King

“In respect of Eid 2012, I urge Muslims to avoid cow slaughter as a sacrifice. Maybe cows could be replaced with other animals. This is important, because in Bali, the cow is a sacred animal, and is also believed to be the vehicle of Lord Shiva. And the majority of Balinese people are adherents of Shivaism,” he said.

“I ask the custodians of Bali village tradition to provide insight to Muslims, so that our land remains sacred and holy. I also call on Bali businesses, if you would like to donate, please do not use cows. Because Hindus should set an example and role model as taught, to cherish the feelings of Hindus, so that harmony can be maintained,” said the President of the World Hindu Youth Organization (WHYO)

Raja Bali: Umat Muslim Diimbau Jangan Sembelih Sapi


Well, that’s fair enough.

We all know that Hindus regard the cow as a sacred animal, and for any other creed’s adherents to kill them as a sacrifice in Bali, which is a Hindu island, would surely be a needless infringement of the principles of mutual respect implicit in Indonesia’s founding principle of Pancasila.

But what did those learned ‘scholars’ of the MUI have to say on the subject? Did they urge their co-religionists to accord Hinduism the respect they constantly demand from cartoonists, film-makers, authors and anybody else who thinks God gave us a brain to use and the free will to use it?

Let’s look at the Islamist publication,

The attitude of the Majapahit King of Bali to banning cow slaughter is damaging to tolerance in Indonesia, according to the Deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Dr Amirsyah Tambunan. The Bali King has no appreciation of what Indonesia’s about..


‘Scholar’ Amirsyah


Amirsyah said that free speech is a cherished thing in Indonesia. However, in the case of sacrifices, the King must respect the religious rights of Muslims.

“In Islamic belief, slaughtering cows, goats and sheep is legal, whichever they can afford,” he said. Moreover, according to Amirsyah, the King should understand the state constitution, wherein it provides for religious freedom according to Article 29.

“Other religions also have to respect Muslims (who believe cows are kosher )” he explained.,

Needless to say, when Islamist intolerance is the topic of the day, the Islamonazi FPi also had to get into the debate.


As reported, the Majapahit King has no right to ban Muslims in Bali from sacrificing cows.

“This will lead to polemics,” said Chairman of Da’wah and Interfaith Relations, Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Habib Muhsin.

Polemics? God forbid the FPI might engage in polemics. If they don’t get their own way, they usually just beat people up. That’s what nazis do!

Habib Mohsen said all parties, both MUI and traditional leaders, should discuss the issue of cattle sacrifice in Bali. “It’s not a problem…for example, slaughter cows in a closed room,”

Of course! Defile the Hindus’ religion where they can’t see it being defiled, and that’s okay.

According to Mohsen Habib, Muslims are tolerant of Hindus in Bali.”

How gracious! Bali is Hindu, always has been. Not a bad idea to be tolerant of the faith and culture of the native people.

Tolerance must also be balanced, Hindus also have to respect the beliefs of Muslims, including allowing cattle slaughter during Eid al-Adha,” he explained.

There are plenty of goats in Bali. No problem if these arrogant clowns were to sacrifice those. But no, that would be respectful of other people’s beliefs, and we can’t have that, can we?