Hallelujah! Heroic Jokowi Rescues Ahok from Serious Threat!

Inilah.com last week reported that Jakarta’s newly installed Governor Jokowi has acted fast to save his deputy from a grave risk of mammoth boredom sessions.


Jokowi and Ahok


As RRA mentioned last week, the IslamoNazi FPI was up in arms about Vice-Governor Ahok’s ex-officio status on the management boards of numerous Islamic bodies, because Ahok’s a Christian!

One of their orators, in the mob protesting outside the city hall, even demanded that Ahok convert to Islam! The FPI have since denied/disowned that call.

I can’t speak for Ahok, but it would surely rank as cruel and unusual punishment for him to have to sit through endless meetings of what Inilah defines as Islamisation institutions.

So I suspect he let out a whoop of relief when Joko Widodo said he’d be revising‘the duties and authority of the Deputy Governor…”If it’s only a matter of a governor’s decree, it’s easy, one day completion,” he said.

Inilah lists again the organisations and positions the IslamoNazis are fretting about – viz. the Chairman of the Institute of Language and Quran Sciences, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Tilawatil Al Quran, Chairman of the Advisory Council Amil Zakat and Sadaqah Infaq (BAZIS), Chairman of the Board of Library Trustees Indonesian Mosque, Chairman Indonesian Mosque Council and Chairman of the Advisory Council for Religious Harmony Forum,

I am sure Ahok will be glad to be free of the onerous boredom he’s escaped thanks to Jokowi’s prompt response.

But I do wonder why a secular government is involved at all with much of this stuff.

And I do wonder very strongly why a Christian’s presence on the last-named, the Advisory Council for Religious Harmony Forum, should be a cause of controversy.