‘Gender’ Gibberish – MEPs’ Arrogance on Display, AGAIN!!

Three hundred and twenty five over-paid slugs,  aka MEPs, have yet again substituted their own ideology for their national allegiance.

Last Thursday they voted to reject some geezer named Yves Mersch, who’s been nominated to serve on the European Central Bank’s (ECB) executive board.




 The centre-left, Liberal and Green groups led the vote against him. Deputies said their negative opinion on Mersch was solely because of gender balance….after the vote, Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the liberal Alde group, said it would be “a huge political error for the Council to proceed in complete disregard of the position adopted today.”

Who the heck do these self-important place-men (and women!) think they are?
I’m all for women rising high in politics or anywhere else. 
Rep. Bachmann
Michele Bachmann would make a better US Prez than either of the two current candidates, and Sarah Palin would not have disgraced the office of VP as Joe Biden has.
Look at the heroic Hirsi Ali, derided here by faux feminist harpies who cover for fanatics.
Yeni Wahid (never heard of her? Check the RRA search box!)
Look at Yeni Wahid, who again would be a finer choice to succeed SBY as President of Indonesia than any name being bandied about by Jakarta’s chattering classes!
The UK hasn’t had a good PM since Maggie was stabbed in the back by degenerate toffs twenty years ago.
But she got there on her merits.
All this junk about gender balance is no more acceptable than the iniquitous ‘affirmative action’ programmes in the USA and other countries, by which less able candidates beat out bright kids for uni places simply because of sex or skin colour or some other irrelevant nonsense. 
If I were to hire a house-servant here – and I’m probably one of the few expats who don’t have servants, my radical red-neck prejudices inhibiting me from the master-servant thing – I’d not worry about whether the candidates were swarthy, yellow or golden-brown, Javanese, Sundanese or Balinese. I’d choose the girl I liked best.
But it would be a girl. And a youngish, fairly pretty girl at that. To have some bloke pottering around the house would be boring.
Yes, that’s sexist bias. And I’m paying the wage, so that’s my right!
 In the West, I’d probably be prosecuted!
Okay, discrimination in the public services on sex grounds (when did all this garbage about saying ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ start?) is unfair.
If a dumbo bloke were given the job whilst a smart lass was rejected, and there were no other pertinent factors, then questions should be asked.
But is this the case with Mersch? I’ve got little time for any EuroCrat apparatchik, which he probably is.
But the point is that he’s been chosen by decision of each country’s NATIONAL Government, in this case the Finance Ministers.
No matter we reckon our goverments are rank rogues or worse, they are, for better or for worse, OUR rank rogues!
The MEPs, in contrast,  do not seek to represent the national interest but instead openly avow allegiance to the EUSSR.
THAT’S the point.
Anybody who puts ‘Europe’ above country must ipso facto be the foe of our national sovereignty, which is not up for debate. If MEPs refuse to take their cue from London, or Paris, or Vilnius, or Athens, then they have lost their legitimacy.  
So good to note in EUObs that ‘sources’ say that “parliament has a consultative role and it was consulted…”