Go, Iowa – Decent Americans Corner Rogue Judge!

For some reason, RRA seems to have a lot of readers in Iowa – not sure if it’s Jane, that girl I hitch-hiked with across Corfu in the late 60s or early 70s ( and her family – she’s probably a grandma now! ) but in any event I dedicate this post to them, and append a section of NOM’s recent news-letter.



Let’s hope they wipe out Wiggins the Wierdo next week!

That’s him!


For non-Iowans, he’s one of the rogue judges who imposed same-sex ‘marriage’ on the state, disregarding the wishes of the citizens. Decent Iowans took out a slew of them at the polls last time round and this time only this solitary robed creep is up to be electorally defenestration.

In Iowa, a new poll shows trouble ahead for Judge David Wiggins. I was out in Iowa on the “NoWiggins” bus—with Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, and other leading conservative voices.

This month, a new ad crafted by Frank Schubert went up and is on the airwaves in Iowa.

And new Public Policy Polling data shows 43 percent of Iowans saying they will vote “no” to retaining Wiggins, compared to only 37 percent who would support keeping the justice on the Iowa bench.

Kudos to Iowans for Freedom for keeping up the good fight—we stand with you!


And before you pinkos jump up and shout at me because I’m so mean to these people, here’s what MEAN really means!


Angela McCaskill “was the first deaf African American female to earn a Ph.D. from Gallaudet University,” according to her bio on the school’s website.

Angela McCaskill


A ‘diversity officer’ at an American university, a cheerful black lady, has been hounded and persecuted by these miserable ‘gays’ and their establishment patrons for exercising her constitutional right to sign a citizens’ petition seeking a state referendum. https://donate.nationformarriage.org/donate1mill.php?REF=EB121029NANT

The link takes you to her video statement and to an appeal for funds. They don’t accept contributions from non-Americans, so let’s hope our transatlantic friends dig deep into their pockets.