Slavery Alive and Well in Malaysia? ASEAN Hypocrisy!

Indonesia is in an uproar over the outrageous advert discovered in neighbouring Malaysia, viz.



You can read all about it in the Jakarta Post link here

These poor wee lasses (guys too work overseas, but the gals get the rawest deals, as a rule) known in Indonesian as TKIs, are often abused dreadfully, as noted in our post here

I might add that even here in Jakarta, maids are often maltreated. But that’s another story.


But Foreign Minister Marty’s indignation comes at a peculiar time, for is he not about to become one of the signatories to the ASEAN Declaration of Human Rights, due to be unveiled next month?

It’s a ridiculous document, not just because of the ferocious assaults on the rights of religious minorities here which you read on RRA about at least twice a week.



ASEAN’s member states include Communist regimes, Laos and Vietnam, where there is gross persecution, not only of religious minorities, but of political majorities.

I say this because it is inconceivable that the majority of the populace in either country wants to be ruled by corrupt red despots.

If the Communists thought they’d win a free election, they’d presumably hold one, but they never have and they never will. Nor do those subjugated peoples enjoy a free press, nor freedom of assembly, nor free trades unions.



Communism is incompatible with human rights, which is why I’m surprised the human rights bodies are protesting at the inadequacies of the vaunted ‘declaration.’ It’s an organised hypocrisy!

It’s predicated on ‘non-interference,’ which precludes any of the other regimes in ASEAN seeking reform of the tyrannies, even if they had a mind to, which few of them are in a position to do anyway, considering their own internal injustices.

Nor, to be fair, can we hammer them too hard for this, because Western Governments have shown little interest in the welfare of the Lao and Vietnamese peoples they abandoned to oppression forty plus years ago.

Nor, of course, does Obama give a tinker’s cuss about the iniquity set in stone by the Tri-Ministerial Decree right here in his sometime (and hopefully, as of next week, maybe once more!) homeland. He had a chance to speak up on injustice and intolerance when he visited, and failed utterly to say a word on the subject.

Anyway, whether formally ‘slaves’ or not, feel sorry for those Indonesian girls. They surely merit our compassion.