Breaking News – A FAIR J.G. Report on the PKI Reds!

           Readers will know that we frequently have to give the Jakarta Globe stick for its ill-conceived sympathy with the unrepentant relics of the Communist Party of Indonesia.



 I’ve oft complained that the JG (and the Jakarta Post ) publish long, boring articles saying how hard done by these evil old reds are, yet reporting not a word of regret on the reds’ part for their eager participation in a movement that has brought slavery, misery and death to millions of people worldwide.

Well, maybe the message is getting through!

This past weekend, a JG article on a complaint by the NU over ‘unfair’  reporting by Tempo magazine (on the Muslim outfit’s role in the 1965 counter-coup events) actually gave some coverage to the other side of the story.

I may be wrong, but I think this is a first.

Abdul Malik, the leader of Pemuda Ansor, told Tempo that “TNI  – the armed forces – were the ones that arrested them, while we were the executors. TNI used others’ hands to [kill].”

He added that the PKI also took part in killings before 1965, most notably in Kanigoro village, Kediri, East Java and Madiun.

“Many witnesses of the “Madiun Fair of 1958” that are still alive [state] that the PKI revolt was more cruel and sadistic,” he said, adding that the NU was more of a victim than the PKI was.

A researcher from the Indonesian Center for Community Studies, Arukat Jaswadi, said that the 1965 killings should not be categorized as a human rights violation and that people should also take into account the PKI’s actions in Madiun and Kanigoro in order to put the situation into perspective.

Yes, and the 1948 Madiun episode too appears to be glossed over or white-washed by the ignorant chattering classes here, who love to gnash their teeth in paroxysms of real or feigned grief over the fate of traitors like D N Aidit, the PKI fuhrer.

The reason why so many Indonesian patriots were quite happy to get stuck into the Reds in 1965 was because they had neither forgotten nor forgiven communist treason – during the War of Independence against the Dutch, the PKI stabbed the freedom-fighters in the back with an attempted take-over in the city of Madiun.

“If all the incidents are being linked, the PKI is not the victim but the failed perpetrator of a coup d’etat,” Arukat said. “Moreover, they spread communist ideas that are prohibited in this Pancasila-based nation. Imagine if they won? Indonesia would have been a communist nation and Pancasila would have been eliminated.”

Good foe Arukat!

And better still that, for once, the English-language media here is prepared to provide fair coverage of this truth, which is usually screened out – quite possibly for political reasons, as much as sloppy journalism.

Arukat added that people should be cautious about current communist movements that have infiltrated mass media.


Now will the Jakarta Post start being objective too?

Don’t hold your breath. If they won’t condemn Islamist book-burning by their parent company, they will be equally loath to expose the evil of marxism.