London – SBY’s Guards Jump Erstwhile ‘Communist Poof!’


Never thought I’d be speaking up for Peter Tatchell!


When Brits first became aware of this odd fellow’s existence, I was living in the UK and he’d been selected as Labour Party parliamentary candidate for a South London by-election.

A famous piece of grafitti appeared on a wall there, announcing to all concerned that ‘Tatchell is a Communist Poof,’ which was near enough accurate. Not a CP member. he was nevertheless so far left that even Michael Foot, the Communist-sympathising Labour leader at the time, disowned him. And he was, even back then, a vociferous yapper for the so-called ‘gay’ agenda.

Hence RRA readers will appreciate the man was no hero of mine!  However, yesterday’s Jakarta Globe had much to report of his current activities.

Police in London detained Peter Tatchell, an Australian-born human rights activist, on Wednesday, after he unfurled the West Papuan Morning Star flag as Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s limousine departed from Westminster Abbey.
“I was arrested for peaceful protest against Indonesian crimes in West Papua,” he tweeted. “Only held a flag.”
The 60-year-old Tatchell said he was wrestled to the ground by Yudhoyono’s presidential security guard (Paspampres) before he was arrested by Metropolitan Police officers.

Since when has the act of unfurling a flag been liable to arrest in the UK?

Yes, in World War II, waving a German flag would merit that, or an IRA or Al Qaeda banner today, but a Papuan flag?  In fact, Tatchell was later released without charge, thus the Metropolitan Police are presumably guilty of wrongful arrest.

These dumbo cops are too gutless or constrained by PC chiefs to arrest Islamists like those who insult Remembrance Day ceremonies. So on whose authority did they grab Tatchell?

More to the point, who gave permission for SBY’s guards to jump the guy? That’s common assault.  Are they above UK law?


London Demo


It may well be forbidden here in Indonesia to wave flags that upset Mr. President. Some activists who have done so have received what most Brits would consider savage sentences, but that’s here and the UK is there. 

However, we can draw some small consolation from the guards’ energetic response – it shows they’re up for a rumble.

So my previous suggestions that SBY deploy his men to deal with the thugs of GARIS and FORKAMI in Bogor longer any excuse not to unleash them on brutes who use mob violence to stop Christians going to church. The Prez has spoken very powerfully against abuse of religion, and has a very sumpyuous palace in Bogor, handy for such deployment. The bold guards could surely be relied upon to subdue fanatic louts .