Christians Abused by Islamist Mob, Cops Fail to Enforce the Law

Once again the so-called security forces in Bekasi, West Java, failed in their duty to enforce the law, as a small band of Protestants tried to exercise their right to Sunday worship at their own legal site – here’s a Metro TV link that includes a video of today’s affront to the pluralism enshrined in Indonesia’s Constitution.

The HKBP Filadelfia Church have been worshipping with other persecuted Christians outside the Presidential Palace in Jakarta, but today they tried once more to use the place approved as theirs by the country’s highest court.

Unfortunately, from early this morning a mob of Islamist hoodlums, including a leading local Muslim cleric named Ustad Naimun, had gathered there, intent on denying the Christians their constitutional rights.The congregation was ‘abused and threatened.’  The louts used loud-speakers to drown out any chance of a sermon being heard.


  • Golkar’s Mayor Neneng of Bekasi, a foe of freedom
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  • The Mayor of Bekasi, a Golkar Party luminary named Neneng, has brought her party’s commitment to pluralism into doubt by the continuing the sectarian policy of her predecessor, who sealed the church site.
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However, although today’s mob was large, HKBP’s Pastor Palti told that the security forces out-numbered the hoodlums.

But  the Bekasi Police and Satpol PP civic militia did nothing to enforce the law. Just like on previous occasons, they just stood there and watched.

Readers who have only just joined RRA may wish to view a video of one of those previous outrageous displays of police dereliction of duty, here, 

and look here too

But with the tenacious courage these Batak Protestants have shown time and again in that benighted cesspool, Pastor Palti vowed his people would ‘never stop trying to exercise their rights as citizens of Indonesia.

“We will never back down from our determination to conduct our Christmas Service there this year,” he said.

Given President SBY’s enthusiasm for an ‘international protocol’ against abuse of religion, you’d think he’d welcome a chance to institute a pilot project right there in his own backyard, But not so far!

Nor do the police seem to have taken any interest in arresting the thug who threatened, on video, to murder Pastor Palti.

Meanwhile, Golkar leader Aburizal Bakrie, a strong presidential candidate in the 2014 elections, has yet to condemn his minion’s contempt for the high court ruling in the church’s favour.


Aburizal Bakrie


  • Indonesians hoping for a change of style at the top in matters of religious liberty will be most disappointed.