Like a Dog to its Vomit, Jakarta Globe Plays the Red Card Again!

Aaah, the Jakarta Globe’s banging their little red drum again!



It’s the lhe latest in a series of sob-stories about the poor persecuted PKI  – the Indonesian Communist party – and while they identify one old geezer who denies he was a Communist, the rest of the people mentioned in their article   issue no such denials, nor, further to that, any sign of repentance of their adherence to a creed responsible for more misery than any other.

Fine, if the newspaper’s concern were for innocent people wrongly accused of being Communists – but the JG makes no distinction between the former and the latter.

That’s what’s so disturbing about these pinko scribblers, and their equally pinko rivals at the Jakarta Post. No sense of evil. They even quote a foreign academic to make the absurd statement that

“They have not only suffered discrimination, but they have been portrayed as unreliable citizens. Things that they believed in have been portrayed as evil.” 



So who is Australian university professor Robert Cribb?  A learned fellow, but seemingly ignorant of what communism is, and what it’s done.

Of course ‘things that they believed in have been portrayed as evil.’  They believed in the monstrous ideology that spawned Sachsenhausen 2, and Belene, and all the Gulag Archipelagos across the Evil Empire!

Does Cribb imagine that somehow the Indonesian Marxist variant was different from its kindred diabolisms in Vietnam or Red China, or North Korea, or indeed from evils of the USSR or East Germany or Bulgaria?

After last week’s pat on the back for the JG when it gave more than one side of the debate a hearing, it’s sad to see them shrinking back into their narrow-minded left-libbery, whereby only the NU’s dissent is mentioned briefly while the reds get an uncritical audience for their story-telling.