West Java Latest – ‘Scholars’ Weasel, Nazis Fret,Public Anger Rises

A number of readers have asked for an update re the on-going Bandung saga, which began with IslamoNazi thugs vandalised the Ahmadi mosque last month, then took new turns last week, though the local storm-troop leader, who has been belatedly arrested, maintains he’s not afraid to face the music.


But public pressure for action against the FPI thugs is still on the boil, as Kompas reported.


An online petition condemning the violence is being circulated via the internet by a group calling itself BDG.They consider that the violence against Ahmadiyah by FPI is a blow to the people of West Java.

‘We do not want our peaceful Sunda land harmed by those who commit violence under the guise of religion, “said community spokesman, Muhammad Irfan, Monday (10/29/2012), in Bandung, West Java.


The Sundanese are the dominant ethnic group in West Java. they have their own language and are culturally distinct from the Javanese elswhere on the island of Java.


In the nine-point petition, the BDG urges law enforcement agencies to investigate cases of violence perpetrated by radical mass organizations in Bandung and West Java. Local government is urged to immediately lift the governor’s regulation and local rules are considered intimidating to minorities and divisive to religious harmony.


Now this is good stuff. Not only are they calling for an end to violence, but also for an end to the iniquitous gubernatorial edict which stomped Ahmadi religious liberties in the province.


West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan fails to lead, nurture, and protect the public from violent acts....


And the petitioners are requiring an open apology to the public and Sundanese of West Java by the FPI. http://regional.kompas.com/read/2012/10/29/2351564/Beredar.Petisi.Kecam.FPI.dan.Gubernur.Jabar

This is the Ahmadiyah Mosque where the thugs ran amok.
And the petitioners are not alone! In this other Kompas link, http://nasional.kompas.com/read/2012/10/27/02340032/larang.jemaah.ahmadiyah.shalat.id..polisi.langgar.hukum
the Bandung Legal Aid Institute (LBH) has declared that
the police themselves violated the law when they stopped the Ahmadis performing their religious observances at their mosque on Idul Adha. Unung Nuralamsyah, LBH chief, told reporters that the police conduct breached the law. Instead of protecting citizens, they forbade their right to worship.
Better and better!
And there’s more. Even the MUI have backed off FPI’s hoodlum tactics! The ‘scholars’ regret the white-shirt mayhem. TVOne reported their senior spokesman, Maaruf Amin, as saying the police apparatus must have the courage to act.

Needless to say, unlike the many Indonesians who believe in religious tolerance, Maaruf felt obliged to criticise the Ahmadiyah failure to obey the Tri-Ministerial Decree which discriminates against them.



But even their obstinate insistence on exercising their constitutional right to practise their religion does not, in his view, justify the IslamoNazi thuggery!

Wow!   OOOPS!

Sometimes my translations go awry. Looks like I’ve been too nice to Maaruf (it did feel uncongenial!) According to the Jakarta Globe, what he said was that ‘the authorities must have the nerve to take action so that people don’t have to do it themselves.”


In other words, cops should spare the thugs the effort, by suppressing Ahmadi freedom themselves! That does sound more like the bigoted old fanatic we know and loathe! Check out our previous post on his weaselly character – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/jakarta-election-islamist-scholars-disclaim-bigot-brochure-but-chairman-signed-it/


Anyway, detik.com tells us that the thug detained, Abdullah Ahmad, says “We are not afraid to go to jail. Of course we are willing to defend the truth!” With typical arrogance, he dismisses the vandalism, which doesn’t amount to much.


But now it gets all peculiar.

The storm-troop boss went on to say his mob might take legal action against the Ahmadis if they tired to claim damages! “If they insist, we can sue, due to the events that occurred – they were the first to start breaking,” he said….”But it’s such a struggle for us,..”

How sad for the thugs!

But no doubt building on those keen legal insights, the FPI then threatened to report the Governor to the Ombudsman!


Governor of West Java Ahmed Heryawan. Note his party symbol, the PKS, fanatic to the core!

Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in West Java are reporting West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and the Regional Leadership Forum (FKPD) Jabar to the Ombudsman.

I can see their point. The Governor is just as bigoted as the FPI –
West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, who initially condoned the attack by claiming that the FPI had been provoked into violence, made an about-face on Sunday   http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/home/fpis-latest-ahmadiyah-attack-riles-even-mui/552884

– but he wears a suit or posh batik and speechifies, while they go in for sweaty street-brawling.

So why wouldn’t they be angry when he does his political things and tries to sound like a responsible citizen?

“For a similar case not to happen again, there must be a realization of regulations, functioning according to the rules. The reality today is that there are  Ahmadiyah activities in West Java,” said Jabar Epi Arifin FPI secretary general, in the office of the Ombudsman. “If the regulation could be enforced, then the destruction might not have occurred,” he explained.


And there the saga pauses, though we heard that the West Java FPI are themselves embarrassed by their Bandung membership and have talked of suspending them!

This would be indeed a novel event, and surprising, given that slimy louts like their Jogjakarta Gauleiter, Tedy Bambang, was convicted after abusing, striking and spitting on a woman, but no such supensions loom there. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/convicted-islamonazi-thug-defies-cops-promises-routine-ramadan-mayhem/

Nor for their Sulawesi gauleiter, who’s back in full strutting mode after his time in the slammer for a spot of Ramadan mayhem.


Curiouser and curiouser. We’ll keep you posted!